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Selective Licensing Leicester - Time is Running Out to Avoid Fines

An enforcement regime is being put in place by Leicester City Council. Selective Licensing is about to get teeth.

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Landlord Regulations: how can a landlord keep on top of all the rules?

Use this free tool that every landlord needs to be completely compliant

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Leicester Selective Licensing (1)

Selective Licensing in Leicester - ACT NOW!

There's not a lot of time to act on Selective Licensing in Leicester if landlords want to keep ahead of the game

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Thoughts on Landlord Affordability, Section 24 and todays Interest Rate levels

Why are landlords exiting buy-to-let? It's pretty clear once you look at the numbers - for some it's the only option.

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Theres a lot of plusses for landlords in using a No-Deposit Scheme. Heres my experience

Personal experience of how a no-deposit scheme helps a landlord get back a lot more than they would from a simple security deposit.

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British pounds

Fair rent increase percentage: How much can a landlord raise rent in a year in the UK

Advice for landlords on how to increase rents.

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Energy Performance Certificate EPC from Google

Energy Performance Certificates: is net zero an issue for landlords?

Net zero poses problems for landlords. but there's no advice from Government on the minimum C ranking two years after announcing it.

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Leicester Selective Licensing (1)

Selective Licensing for Leicester Landlords

Landlords renting property out in Leicester now have to contend with the introduction of a new Selective Licensing Scheme.

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Mould in the headlines again: whats a landlord to do?

Recent news throws a harsh spotlight on mould and condensation in rented properties, and a predictable media circus blames landlords

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