The Benefits of Guaranteed Rent 

Thousands of happy landlords across the UK trust us to guarantee their monthly rental income and look after their properties. We have been the UK’s leading provider of Guaranteed Rent since 1995 and we currently work with over 20,000 landlords across our range of letting services. This experience means that we know our stuff, we are the UK’s number one Guaranteed Rent service for a reason!  

There are many benefits to using our Guaranteed Rent services, but here are our three top benefits of Northwood Guaranteed Rent. 

  1. You get your rental income on the same day of the month, no matter what, meaning that you know what to expect. This can be particularly useful if you need to pay your mortgage or any other bills as you know that there will be no issues in sending your payments. It helps to give you the certainty that you want when managing your finances. Additionally, if you are saving up for something big, you will also know just how much you can save each month, helping you to invest more into you and your family’s future.  
  2. Our experience and professional approach mean you can be assured that the tenants we pick will suit your property and its needs. You will not have to deal with the tenants in any way whether they have questions or requests. Our vast knowledge means we approach tenant questions and requests with experience and information at hand, helping them to rent happily and treat your property as their home.  
  3. We hold regular property inspections and manage all maintenance queries helping to keep your property in tip top condition (subject to wear and tear). Any works needed to the property will be approved by you. With regular maintenance inspections, we can catch any potential issues early on and resolve them efficiently to help keep the tenants and you, happy.  

Northwoods Guaranteed Rent service is perfect for landlords who do not want to be hands on when letting out their property. However, if you prefer a more involved approach, click here to see what other letting services we provide to find one to suit you. 

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