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New Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Legislation

We take a look at what the legislation currently requires and what the consultation is looking at.

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Scottish Home Reports

In this article we will take a closer look at Home Reports and detail what they should include.

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Buying a Home or Insurance, an insurance agent explains the leas

Who is responsible for mould, landlord or tenant?

In the rental sector there are always grey areas that can lead to confusion and potentially tension between a tenant and a landlord. One such area is mould in the property and who is responsible for dealing with it.

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Zero Deposit Schemes

It isnt a regular occurrence, but there are circumstances when a landlord might not want to take a deposit from a tenant for whatever reason. Often this can be because the tenant is not in a position to pay the full deposit.

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A fairer deal for the Private Rented Sector?

The Government has published a white paper around its plans for making a fairer private rented sector. The Government believes that despite the vast majority of landlords being fair and just and offering excellent quality properties, there are too many tenants who live in inadequate rental properties, that section 21 eviction notices are used to remove tenants unfairly and that rents are sometimes raised unfairly.

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Protecting and Preventing Damage to Underground Services

It is pretty much a given that property owners will do all they can to look after and quickly fix, if needed, any issues with the structure of a property such as loose roof tiles or a crack in the wall.

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Spotlight on Southampton

As part of our popular Spotlight on series, this month we are going to take a trip to Southampton perhaps most famous as the place that the Titanic sailed from on her ill-fated maiden voyage as well as being home to the factory that built the spitfire

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Ground Rent Charges Banned

Ground Rent Charges Banned

When buying a property there are two types of tenure, these are Freehold and Leasehold. Freehold is where the owner owns the building and the land on which is sits. Leasehold is essentially, as the name suggests, a lease agreement and the freeholder retain the title to the building and the land and the leaseholder purchases the right to live in the property and use the grounds for an extended period.

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Tips for Cleaning Garden Furniture

Here we look at cleaning tips for different types of garden furniture. Our first bit of advice is to do this when we have good weather.

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Are Repairs On Rental Properties Tax Deductible for Self-Employed Landlords?

In this article we specifically look at self-employed landlords tax liabilities and whether repairs can be deducted from the revenue profits and not attract a tax liability.

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