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Spotlight on Maidenhead

Maidenhead, a charming town nestled in the heart of Berkshire, is one of the South East's hidden jewels.

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Disabled access  wheelchair ramp on front elevation of a  UK house

Disability Adjustment Requests: Ensuring Accessibility for All

This article provides a comprehensive look at disability adjustment requests, their importance, and the consequences of refusing "reasonable adjustments."

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Broken gutter missing a downpipe. House guttering repair leaking

Understanding a Landlord's Obligation for Damp

As a landlord in the UK, it is essential to have a solid understanding of what damp is, its types, and what legislation exists around it.

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A stack of coins with a small house on top of it.

What is Equity Release?

Today, were peeling back the layers on equity release: exploring what it is, the considerations to bear in mind, and how the process unfolds.

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Saving money to buy new house. High rent price or home insurance

Price it Right First Time

Using insights from Dataloft Inform, we aim to underscore the significance of striking the right pricing chord from the outset. Join us as we delve into why setting a realistic and sensible initial price can significantly determine your sales success.

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Small house model with label - For Rent.

Renters Want to Stay

In this article, well dive deeper into the data and explore the potential reasons driving this change.

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The Majority of Portfolio Landlords Are Still Going and even Growing!

Drawing upon insights from Dataloft Inform, we're diving deep into the statistics to observe the trends and trajectories of portfolio landlords in the UK.

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Person holding a set of keys in front of a house.

How to Save for a Deposit: Tips for Aspiring Homeowners

Here, well share some practical advice on how to save for a deposit for your first home. With these tips and strategies, even the dream of owning a home can be a reality in a few years.

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artificial grass

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

In this article, we delve deep into the benefits of artificial grass, explore its various types, and consider its potential downsides.

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