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Northwood Wins Top AllAgents Awards for Sixth Consecutive Year!

Northwood has received the top allAgents awards for the sixth year in a row! With 64 offices winning individual awards, it was a successful evening!

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Can a Landlord be liable for a Tenant?

As a responsible landlord, you do everything you can to ensure that your tenants are responsible and behave properly. Unfortunately, this isnt always successful and on rare occasions there can be issues with tenants.

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Brightened up Christmas Image

Getting Ahead for Christmas

Christmas the most magical time of the year but when you sit down and start to think about all that needs to be done, a little worry can start to creep in. So we have created this handy tick list so you don't forget anything!

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Why Landlords Need to Install Smart Meters

In this article, we explore what smart meters are and the benefits to landlords in having one fitted in rental properties.

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Should I stay or should I go now?

We take a look at the latest Dataloft statistics and what they can mean for you.

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Making an Offer You Can Afford

In this article, we examine the best strategy for making an offer you can afford and avoid getting carried away.

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70% of new build owners and renters value sustainable building features.

We take a look at the most recent Dataloft statistics and what they could mean for you.

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New Versions of Section 8 and Section 21 Notices

In this article, we look at the latest changes to notice periods and the prescribed forms needed when intending to start eviction proceedings.

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Base Rate of Interest is Expected to Rise Soon.

We take a look at the most recent Dataloft Inform statistics and what they could mean for you.

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Property Prices Continue to Rise

The price of the average house across the UK increased at an unexpected rate. In this article, we take a look at the continued increase of prices in the property market and what this means for first time buyers and homeowners alike.

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