EPC Services 

New rules apply to Energy Performance Certificates: if your rental property doesn’t reach certain efficiency rankings, it can no longer be let at all!

Let our full EPC Service tell you where you stand

  • EPC’s need to have a minimum ranking of “E”
  • Check the rating of your property here: the Government’s find an EPC site
  • The Government’s Net Zero strategy for housing is focusing hard on improving rankings in the rental sector: from a date yet to be announced, this will rise to a minimum “C” for new lettings, and then for all lettings. At present the most likely date for implementation is 2028
  • Penalties for non-compliance are severe
  • For the first three months: £2000 fixed penalty
  • After three months: £4000 fixed penalty
  • The EPC delivers information on which energy and insulation steps need to be taken, in order, to improve your ranking to hit that magic “C”
  • However, bear in mind that some initial steps, such as internal or external wall insulation, can be estimated at a £4,000-£14,000 cost for an annual saving in energy consumption of perhaps just £100.
  • There is an exemption for costs that exceed a cost cap….but this has changed from £3,500 to an as-yet unspecified amount, likely to be at least £10,000. Again, the Government is not providing basic information to assist landlords to take relevant action.
  • The EPC rules for landlords will increasingly affect mortgage costs: lenders have been put under pressure by the Government to stratify their mortgage rates according to EPC rating

Choosing a Domestic Energy Assessor

EPC’s can be arranged very cheaply, but the validity of the information in low-cost EPCs can be scarily inadequate. We see DEA’s visit us to attend a property to conduct an EPC, and return 20 minutes later with the job “completed” – this is frankly near-impossible and suggests the process has not been correctly and compliantly followed

  • Our detailed EPC tells you what to get done…
  • AND we’ll only lodge it once improvements have been made

What does our Full-Service EPC involve?

  •  All Energy Performance Certificates are completed by an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor, and properly lodged in the EPC Register
  • All are open to audit by Stroma, so you can be sure that your EPC is fully compliant
  • We “access all areas”, including lofts, to fully assess the energy efficiency of the property
  • Full floor plans lodged, and detailed energy ratings of all rooms, allowing for external walls, roofs, floor construction, and so on
  • And remember, we consult with you if we find ranking problems before we lodge the EPC
  • We can suggest contractors to undertake work for you. For a small additional percentage we can project manage the improvements, ensuring your tenancy is not disrupted.
  • We are constantly updating our knowledge of local grants available under various Government and Local Authority schemes. Talk to us about opportunities for financial assistance.


The EPC rules for landlords are changing in response to the Net Zero strategy and to housing policy. It is so necessary to keep abreast of the latest status around EPCs, so call any time or click the link below to contact us for the latest information.