We Switch You

Are you a frustrated landlord?

We speak to many landlords who have come to us from other agents and it’s clear that some letting agents are failing to deliver the high level of customer service they promised upfront. Lack of property inspections, late payments, long void periods, having to chase to get updates – it can all add up to become very frustrating.

Most landlords are already busy people and simply don’t have the time to find an agent who can deliver on their promises.

So, how can we make your life easier?

Switching your phone, electricity provider or bank these days is a simple process that involves little input from you. Northwood offer a similar mechanism for any busy landlord who wants to change their letting agent.

WeSwitchYou’ takes away all of the hassle of swapping agents. All you need to do is complete a consent form and an instruction form, then Northwood will do the rest!

Why switch to Northwood?

We offer landlords a truly first class level of customer service, a variety of services to suit your needs and can offer a guaranteed rental  income, even when the property is empty!

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Five steps of switching agents

Check notice period. The first step to take is to check how much notice you need to give to your current agent which should be stated in your contact. If you are not sure, speak to them to double check. Please be aware that some agents may charge for terminating contracts.

Give your notice in writing. When you have found out what your notice period is, you must give this in writing to your current agent. To make it easier for your tenants, it is best to do this so it corresponds with the rent due dates.

You can now sign up with a new agent. We will ask you to complete required paperwork and documentation. At this stage, we will be able to answer any questions you may have to ensure you are happy with the process.

Provide the required documentation. Once you have signed up with us, we will then collect all information required from the current agent. This includes keys, current contract and any other relevant information relating to the property.

Finally, you should inform all your tenants of the change of agent and provide them with relevant information. We will speak with your tenants to let them know of the changes and what will happen going forward.

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