Wigston is three and a half miles south of the city of Leicester. Wigston is one and a half miles to the east, connected by the B582 road. To the west along the B582, or Blaby Road is South Wigston. Wigston is the largest of Leicester’s satellite towns.

The Grand Union Canal runs along a southern route below Wigston from Newton Harcourt and for several miles through South WigstonGlen Parva and on towards Leicester.

Wigston’s population of approximately 32,000 live in both the post-war private suburban housing estates surrounding the old town centre, and the 19th century buildings now sandwiched between modern housing developments. The oldest of the post-war developments is Wigston Fields north of Wigston towards Knighton and Leicester; the Meadows and Little Hill estates were developed in the 1970s and 1980s to the east and south of Wigston’s old centre. Wigston Harcourt is an area of housing developed up until the early 1990s between the Little Hill and Meadows estates. These three estates mark the boundary of the greater Leicester urban area, beyond which lies agricultural land.

There’s no shortage of retail options in Wigston town centre, and the principle secondary schooling is provided by Wigston Academy (since 2015), and Wigston College for over-16’s.

“Why I’d invest in Wigston”: a guide for landlords

Wigston has all the family-housing appeal of Oadby, but at a significantly lower general price level. So rents achieved are relatively premium, but capital values are more affordable, delivering much better yields.

Little Hill is consistently popular with families both for its quiet suburban streets and for the Little Hill primary school. Likewise the Meadows and Wigston Harcourt estates. Full of family semi- and detached homes built in the 70’s to 90’s, the demand is reliable and consistent. Family homes always represent the most-rounded option for investors, because of their flexibility for all types of household from couples to larger families, so an investment here generates good returns with lower void potential.

Northwood Leicester has always handled a lot of property management across the borough, and can advise on the best buying strategies. My own stock in Wigston has attracted some of my longest-term, and most content, tenancies. Of course, any good investment entails regular spend to keep a property at top-of-market status, but long-term 100% occupancy denotes great rental returns.

I would buy in Wigston every day of the week.

Andy McGarrick – Investor and Landlord, Owner Northwood Leicester