Andy McGarrickLeicester

I started the Leicester office over two decades ago, but my personal property journey started long before that. I’ve been a landlord for many years, and I know and feel the upsides and, admittedly, downsides of the role. So whatever the aspirations of clients, to build portfolios, to sell homes, to buy or to exit, I’ve seen most scenarios and I love to help people thrive in property.

In particular, the nous it takes to successfully run both personal and my own property company portfolios is knowledge that can be shared. If I know something about the legal complexities of lettings, or about landlord tax (a personal passion, if it can be called that), or about how to make a property development investment pay off, then it’s something that might help others.

The vast majority of my own tenants have been with me for many years: thinking long-term builds trust for them and security for me and my family. I have property development projects, and commercial office interests. In general, across the spectrum I’m here to help.

Away from work, I’m getting more and more into padel (injuries permitting), learning Portuguese (so hard…), still working on my sourdough (it’s now an unruly teenager), nailed my Masters last year, and loving my grandkids. Life is good.