Abby PhillipsMaintenance Coordinator (currently on maternity leave)

I enjoy by job as I get to meet new people and see properties all over Leicestershire. I also ensure that I keep our landlords and tenants interest as my number one priority and ensure the work we do is to the best standard possible. I enjoy knowing that there are people making a life and home within our properties and we are there to support tenants in every situation. As well as this, it is deeply satisfying to know that our landlords trust us with one of the greatest assets in life and are willing to take our guidance and advice where necessary. I work within a fantastic team and it truly makes a huge difference that when life can throw a curveball, I will always have continued support from others.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family, friends and loved ones. I also look after my own animals at home including a dog, cats, over 40 fish, and a bearded dragon. I love all things nature and living and take every opportunity to go to zoos, aquariums and safari’s etc.