Originally a settlement named by Danish invaders  – “by” means village or settlement – Oadby grew into a fashionable suburb of Leicester for the wealthy factory-owners of the city’s shoe and stocking manufacturers. Their large homes in the northern parts of the small town are often now used by the University of Leicester, and the wide lanes define the character of this popular location.

Looking to buy property in Oadby? The thriving community offers a plethora of opportunities for landlords seeking lucrative investments. Situated either side of the prominent A6 access to the city, and just 3 miles from Leicester Rail Station, Oadby is ideally placed for families and for commuters.

Leicester’s prominent shopping areas, Highcross in the city centre and Fosse Park only five miles around the ring road, ensure tenants have easy access to retail therapy. Oadby itself has an appealing shopping environment in The Parade, along with good restaurant choice.

For families, Oadby boasts some of the best schools in close proximity. The outstanding-rated Manor High School, only 1.5 miles from the town centre, ensures an excellent education for tenant’s children. The equally impressive Beauchamp College and Gartree High School, just 2 miles away, further add to the appeal of living in Oadby.

Housing development is very active, with new opportunities in Glen Gorse, but Oadby offers all types of housing from Victorian terraces, post-war bungalow estates, large areas of 60’s to 80’s semi- and detached homes, and modern flats.

There are numerous cultural and social options adding to the appeal of living in Oadby: Leicester Tigers train here, Leicester Racecourse is situated on the city-side, and the University’s botanical garden is adjacent.

“Why I’d invest in Oadby”: a guide for landlords

The schools are the big lure for families in this major investment location. Every single school has its advocates, and rightly so – results generally across the board at Launde, Brocks Hill, Woodland Grange and Langmoor all attract tenants who are extremely focused on being in catchment, and the quality persists through outstanding secondary education at Beauchamp, Gartree and Manor High.

Property prices reflect the premium for quality of life, but rental demand is reliable, family-orientated and premium. Gross rental yield will never be exciting when capital values are as peak as they are in this area, but asset growth is always strong and overall returns about the best you’ll find. Oadby ticks so many boxes.

All types of housing are available at all price points: Victorian terraces are always popular (watch the EPC ratings, though, as improving them to “C” can be a challenge), but Oadby’s prime stock is family homes, and the abundance of these around the schools make for prime property investments. Northwood Leicester has been managing property in Oadby for over twenty years so knows the market inside-out.


Andy McGarrick – Investor and Landlord, Owner Northwood Leicester