Woody & Wilson

Introducing Woody and Wilson, the dynamic duo that’s changing the game in Cheshire Estate Agency! In 2023, Northwood Cheshire had a wild idea – employing giraffes as professional photographers. But what seemed unconventional at first soon became a roaring success! After months of intensive training, Woody and Wilson are now experts in showcasing properties like never before.

With their long necks reaching new heights, Woody and Wilson capture stunning shots from angles human photographers can only dream of. They have an uncanny sense of composition, bringing out the true essence of each home, making it irresistible to potential buyers. But that’s not all – their attention to detail is impeccable. Equipped with state-of-the-art camera gear, they produce accurate and detailed floor plans that leave nothing to the imagination.

Step into the future of marketing with Woody and Wilson’s virtual tours. These two talented giraffes provide an immersive experience that transports buyers right into the heart of the property. It’s like being there in person, allowing us to market your home to a much larger audience. Their unique approach has become a sensation, turning every listing they touch into a hot commodity. Woody’s serene focus and Wilson’s playful creativity form a partnership that’s truly unmatched.

Don’t miss out on this ground-breaking experience! Let Woody and Wilson from Northwood Cheshire be your guides in showcasing your property like never before. Embrace the extraordinary and step into a world where giraffes redefine photography. Contact us now to schedule a shoot with the most innovative
photographers in the business!