Our Market Ready Approach

Our market-ready approach is designed to cater to clients who may not be immediately ready to list their property for sale. We understand that there could be various reasons for delaying the market entry, such as finding a new property or awaiting a job offer. However, we also recognize the potential risks associated with rushing to market once they are ready, as this could result in missed opportunities.

To address these concerns, we have developed a comprehensive market-ready strategy that begins by signing terms of business. Woody and Wilson, our resident giraffes, conduct an enhanced marketing measure-up of the property. This process ensures that we have all the necessary details and materials to create an appealing brochure.

Once the client approves the brochure, we take a discreet approach by quietly marketing the property offline. We carefully match it against potential buyers we’ve selectively chosen, or in some cases, we may list it just on our own website.

When the client is finally ready to proceed with marketing their property, we can act swiftly and efficiently to get launch the listing within a very short amount of time. This quick response ensures that they have the best chances of securing their onward move and achieving their desired outcomes.

In addition to our agile and thoughtful approach, we pride ourselves on offering the fairest terms of business in the region. With a “no sale, no fee” policy, no withdrawal fees, and no minimum terms, our clients can be confident in our commitment to their best interests throughout the process.

Ultimately, our market-ready approach aims to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients, ensuring they can confidently navigate the market with our expert guidance and support.

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