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Have you ever sold an item on-line? Your car, or an old bike? You will have spent time to make the item look its best with some photographs. A written description designed to grab a buyers’ interest to support these. You will have taken this care because you want to earn as much from that sale as possible. The same principals apply to selling your home. This is likely to be the most valuable asset that you will ever sell. It stands to reason that your home deserves to look great! This is why we dial up your homes marketing to another level.

The guiding principal of our work is quite simple. It is to bring your home to the market place and make it stand out from the crowd. Marketing a home so that it looks beautiful requires skill & craftsmanship. It requires dedication and time and investing some money. The resulting interest generated will produce the highest possible selling price. Often you can expect to recoup all or a large part of the investment you make in selling your home. As in the selling of your car or old bike, the better the item looks the greater the interest. The greater the interest the higher the final price.

Employing the skills of a good Estate Agent is an invaluable part of the process of selling your home.

You will know what makes your home unique or distinctive. You may realise which rooms will photograph the best. You might have some idea which areas could use some help to show them off better. A good Estate Agent will explore these ideas with you. The way that your home appears to the market place will determine many things. Will the cover image encourage a buyer to click to find out more? Do the opening lines of the description urge me to read on? Do the photos make me desire a closer look at your home. Buyers are discerning. You would not book a stay in a hotel if the rooms on their website appear dull & uninteresting. The very same principals apply here.

As an Estate Agent in Bristol we also want to stand out from the crowd. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach to Estate Agency. Every home sellers’ story is different and our first job is to listen. We are completely independent in advising on any decision that suits your goals. It is your goal that counts.

This is why it is important to be able to create a bespoke Estate Agency offering, designed for you. To help you move to your next dream home.

Northwood Bespoke

The Northwood Bespoke sales package, here is a flavour of what we can do.

Northwood Bespoke, a different way to sell your home;

A Rightmove listing, a floor-plan & accompanied viewings are a given these days. These hardly warrant a mention. There is so much more that we do for you.

Your home is unique. Let us make it distinctive. Here are the individual elements that we can pick from to create your bespoke sales listing.


For Sale boards should be more about your lovely home than about the Agent. We create beautiful bespoke boards that emphasise something key about your home. Something that isn’t visible from the road. Or to showcase a unique feature.

Some homes need a little help to show off their very best assets and features. But we know not everyone has a ready supply of the accessories that can add that polish to a room for the photos. So, we bring these items with us on your photoshoot. Plus, lots of little accessories that we can use if we need them. You can also expect a bouquet of flowers on the day!

Some Estate Agents may invest in a quality camera. Some may even use a professional photographer. This is not always enough to take your images to another level. That takes a wealth of experience and requires the insight of the lifestyle to which a buyer aspires. We do not rush the photos, we plan a photoshoot in advance and take whatever time is necessary to get the best result. The photographs of your home have never been more important. Most property searches take place on phones or tablets. Poor photos will not compel a buyer to make that all important call to the Estate Agent.

We can make your home stand out by visiting again with a photographer as the day draws to a close. A well-executed twilight photo will draw the buyer to your home. As they scroll down a long list of properties it will be that warm & inviting home that first catches their eye.

An aerial perspective can prove to be an excellent addition to a portfolio of photographs. In particular to lend the buyer some perspective on the shape and size of your plot or land. What better way to describe the setting of your home than to show it. Aerial photography can lend your homes marketing an aesthetic advantage.


Your home deserves a description using the right words.

A house should not be about bricks and mortar; it’s a home; a family; a dream. It’s full of memories for the seller, and hopes and aspirations for the buyer. We use a talented copywriter who will spend time talking to you about your home, and what it offers a buyer. The resulting narrative will leave a buyer itching to take a closer look.

Our team of talented designers are ready behind the scenes waiting to get to work. They will harness the results of the photoshoot with the text from the copywriter. From here they will produce a brochure crafted especially for your home. Buyers will receive a tantalising glimpse of your property ahead of a viewing. You will have a beautiful memory of your home that you will want to keep forever.

Over 80% of internet traffic now consists of video. Some of the beautiful homes of Bristol & the surrounding areas deserve something extra. We will tell you when a video will prove beneficial. It is not for every property. A beautiful walk-through video can help to encapsulate certain elements of your home. Produced to a professional standard these videos add to the buyer’s experience. We do not pitch these as an alternative to actually viewing in person.

We will follow the photographer around the photoshoot and produce a 360 degree tour. Using specialised photographic equipment this enables us to map your home with images. we do not publish this on your homes listing. We can use this to help educate the copywriter before they put pen to paper. It is also a tool for when a buyer requires a nudge to come and view your home where long distances may be a barrier.

We are transparent in all that we do for you, and that’s why we publish our selling fee here, on our website. We make no apologies for not advertising ourselves as the cheapest agent in town. In the way a winemaker has a vintage or an artist has a masterpiece, Northwood Bristol have Bespoke. We are confident that if you invest more in selling a home that the end result will justify that decision.

For our bespoke offering we charge 1.8% inc VAT to everyone, so it’s fair for all.

On a £500,000 home an offer £3600 higher pays for the extra work that we do.

Like what you hear? Contact us, make an appointment, embark on a memorable journey to your next dream home.


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