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Analysis of the compounds of a dangerous asbestos roof – concept

Is it Legal to Sell a House With Asbestos in the UK?

Selling a home that contains asbestos is legal, but there are some rules you need to follow particularly if you are aware that your home contains the product or if you know its damaged and causing a risk to the health of anyone that purchases your home.

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Contemporary Australian home facade at night dusk

Should I Buy a House With a Flat Roof? 5 Things to Consider

Many homebuyers debate whether they should buy a house with a flat roof. While flat roofs can require extra maintenance compared with a traditional pitched roof, there are upsides, too.

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Pink armchair and mirror

Interior Design For Your Home in Bristol: Is Grey Here to Stay?

Having just completed the interior design for a recently sold property in Bristol from top to bottom, I was recently asked Whats your go-to colour?

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Worried couple reading a letter at home

Selling With a Sitting Tenant in Bristol: Pros & Cons

In this article, well discuss the pros and cons of selling with a sitting tenant in Bristol to help landlords prepare for a sitting-tenant sale.

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House with a Gavel. Foreclosure, real estate, sale, auction, bus

How to Sell Your Bristol Home at Auction

If youre wondering whether selling your Bristol house at auction is a good idea and how the process works, heres everything you need to know about how to sell your home at an auction.

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Pile various documents. Business and finance concepts background

Landlords in Bristol: Get ready for Right to Rent changes

If you rent out your property in Bristol, you need to get ready for the new Right to Rent changes in order to avoid being fined. So, read on, and learn everything you need to know about this new legislation.

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Home savings financial concept. Piggy bank magic book house

Pensions vs Property: Should You Save For Retirement Or Invest In Property?

Whether you want to invest in property or save for retirement, there are plenty of pros and cons for each. If youre unsure whats best for you, this guide should help to give you a few handy tips to fit your circumstances.

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Moving with Children

7 Tips for a Smooth House Move With Children

The process of moving with children doesnt need to be a nightmare for the whole family. There are a few tips you can use to help the move go as smoothly as possible.

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Money bag sign icon. Pound GBP currency.

5 Ways Landlords Can Increase Their Rental Yield

Youll probably know this already if you are a landlord, but if you dont yet, you should get to know it because rental yield is important!

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Electrical Safety Inspections: Everything Landlords Need to Know

For many years, landlords had to carry out regular gas safety checks, but updated rules mean that landlords must carry out electrical safety checks too.Here, we set out what theyre all about.

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Downsizing property

Are You Ready to Downsize? 5 Signs Its Time to Make the Move

People sell their homes in exchange for a smaller one for many different reasons. But its usually because the space isnt right for them anymore. If youre unsure whether youre ready to downsize, here are five signs it might be time to make the move.

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Cheeful mixed-race couple celebrating success, raising hands with excitement

What Happens After Your Offer Has Been Accepted? 5 Immediate Things You Need to Do

If youre wondering what happens next, here are five immediate things you need to do after your offer has been accepted to get things moving.

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