How to Deal with Your Energy Supplier When Moving House in Bristol

The process of moving home in Bristol can become highly stressful. With a seemingly endless to-do list, mounting cardboard boxes and looming deadlines, getting in touch with energy suppliers is often pushed to the bottom of the pile.

However, failing to notify your energy supplier in enough time can result in you being overcharged and adding further stress later down the line.

Here’s your complete guide to dealing with energy suppliers when moving home in Bristol.

First, Let Your Current Supplier Know

Once your move dates are confirmed, you should let your current energy supplier know. They will require a few personal details alongside your move date and forwarding address. Some may also ask for the new occupiers’ names, to keep their records up to date.   

You should always give them at least 48 hours notice, but an extra few days can help you get your affairs in order.

Take a good look at your account and figure out whether you are in credit or debit. This way, you will know roughly what to expect from your final bill.

Your supplier will likely ask if you would like to transfer your plan to your new property. It is recommended you instead wait until you have moved, and assess your options.

Provide a Final Meter Reading

To calculate your bill efficiently, your supplier will require a final meter reading. This way, it is guaranteed you are not overpaying for electricity that you have not used. You should complete this meter reading on the morning that you vacate your home.

Send a copy of this information to the new owners and your estate agents for the extra peace of mind that you all have the correct information.

Find Out Who Your New Supplier Is

Sellers should pass this information to the estate agents, however, this understandably sometimes slips the mind.

To find out who your new gas supplier is, use the Find My Supplier website. The Energy Network Association can be used to find out your electricity provider.

Notify Your New Supplier

You should take meter readings on the day you move into your new property. Ordinarily, the estate agents handing you the keys will be available to show you where the meter is and take a copy of the reading for their records.

Send a copy of the reading to your new supplier who will be able to calculate your ongoing bill. You should choose a flexible plan which allows you to exit at any time. You will likely find a more affordable plan elsewhere, and this way, you can avoid expensive exit fees.

It is beneficial to also send a copy to the previous owner or landlord. This will help ensure that everyone’s records align and no one is caught out with an unexpected charge.

Find the Right Settings

Don’t forget that you are inheriting someone else’s heating system, who probably had different preferences to you. Check the timers and temperatures already in place to see if they fit in with your family’s needs.

Otherwise, you might be unnecessarily burning through energy and cash!

Search for the Best Deal

The supplier of the previous occupier may not necessarily be the most economical option. Although you will owe them for your initial days in the home, you should head to one of the many price comparison websites to secure the best deal.

It may also be worthwhile to arrange a smart meter installation which can save your household heaps of money as well as the hassle of submitting regular meter readings.

Set Up a Direct Debit

The easiest way to pay your monthly energy bill is via direct debit. You will generally pay the same monthly instalment, which can then be slightly adjusted either way in accordance with the meter readings you submit.

At this point, it’s also worthwhile to check your records with the supplier from your previous home. Ensuring that you have paid any outstanding balance or claimed your refund will prevent any reminders from being issued in the weeks and months to come.

Other Suppliers to Notify

  • Council tax
  • Water
  • Broadband & landline
  • Car registration and insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • TV licence
  • Healthcare services (doctor, dentist, optician)
  • Bank

Stay Organised

The key to a smooth home move is undoubtedly organisation. Understandably, many movers put off contacting their utility companies, either because of logistical stress, or to delay payments. However, attempting to delay these bills will only result in a much heftier sum when it does arrive on your doorstep!

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