7 Ways To Create a Positive Landlord-Tenant Relationship

Both Parties Should Strive To Build A Positive Working Relationship

As a landlord in Bristol, letting your property to new tenants can make you a little nervous. The best way to ensure that your tenant and you have the best possible experience is to build a positive working relationship.

Having an excellent landlord-tenant relationship will help keep your tenants happy, encourage them to take good care of your property, and may persuade them to renew once their initial tenancy ends.

With this in mind, our team at Northwood Bristol have some top tips to help you create the best relationship with your tenants.

1. Good Communication Is Key

Before your new tenant moves in, communicate with them effectively to establish the house rules. Communicating expectations early helps avoid tension later, for example, should they want to redecorate or keep a pet.

2. Supply Your Contact Details

Tenants need to have a reliable person they can contact if they experience a problem, so make sure you’ve supplied your contact details and those of another trusted person who can efficiently deal with issues if you’re unavailable.

3. Leave A Guide For Tenants In The Property

Creating a handbook for your new tenants will help make settling in easier. Include details about how to use the heating system, the kitchen equipment, and the shower, as well as any other appliances. It’s also a good idea to include information about refuse collection day and local amenities like dentists, doctors, and supermarkets so they can familiarise themselves if they are new to the area.

4. Respond Quickly To Any Issues

If your tenant raises any issues, resolving them rapidly will go a long way towards ensuring a positive tenant-landlord relationship. Your tenants want to be reassured that you care about their well-being and the property, so arranging repairs as quickly as possible is critical.

5. Be Prepared To Be Flexible

When you find good tenants, holding onto them makes sense! That means being prepared to have a flexible attitude when renewing their tenancy. If they request a change or fix to enable them to continue their contract, taking a flexible approach to negotiations is wise.

6. Offer Longer Tenancies

With more people looking for rental properties in Bristol, there is an increased desire for longer tenancies. Many tenants want the security of remaining in the property for the long term. When you find reliable tenants, consider offering them a longer tenancy. Not only does this benefit the tenants, but it also helps you since you’ll reduce the risk of having void periods between tenancies.

7. Use A Property Management Company

One of the best tips to foster a positive tenant-landlord relationship is to use the services of a reliable local property management company in Bristol. Not only will they help to maximise your rental returns, but they will also take over all the challenging and time-consuming elements of managing your property.

All day-to-day management will be handled, like emergency repairs and more complex essentials like tenancy agreements, deposits, and rent collection.

The team at Northwood Bristol are experts in the Bristol rental market. Call us today on 0117 9635777 or email us at bristol@northwooduk.com to find out more about how we can ensure you maintain the best possible relationship with your tenants.