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Interior Design For Your Home in Bristol: Is Grey Here to Stay?

Having just completed the interior design for a recently sold property in Bristol from top to bottom, I was recently asked Whats your go-to colour?

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Landlords in Bristol: Get ready for Right to Rent changes

If you rent out your property in Bristol, you need to get ready for the new Right to Rent changes in order to avoid being fined. So, read on, and learn everything you need to know about this new legislation.

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5 Ways Landlords Can Increase Their Rental Yield

Youll probably know this already if you are a landlord, but if you dont yet, you should get to know it because rental yield is important!

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Electrical Safety Inspections: Everything Landlords Need to Know

For many years, landlords had to carry out regular gas safety checks, but updated rules mean that landlords must carry out electrical safety checks too.Here, we set out what theyre all about.

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How Do I Pick the Best Lettings Agent in Bristol?

If youre a new or inexperienced landlord, or you simply dont have the time to manage your property, then it may be time to consider hiring a lettings agent to manage the property for you.

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Switching letting agent All you need to get it right

If things arent working out with your current letting agent, whats the best way to switch to a new one? Our blog covers all you need to get it right and make the transition as smooth as possible.

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Property inventories All you need to know

Property inventories protect both landlords and tenants and help avoid disputes over deposits. Find out more about what they are and why theyre so important.

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Essential steps to assess your rental yield

Find out how to calculate the rental yield of a property so you can compare investments and track how well your own property is doing in terms of rental returns.

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Remortgaging your rental property

Have you thought about remortgaging your rental property? Find out the benefits and what you need to consider before switching products and releasing equity.

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Landlords how to protect your rental income

For many landlords, rental income provides a valuable boost to their other earnings or pension. For some, it may even be their only income, while others might mainly use it to cover the cost of the mortgage and other expenses, as they wait for growth in the capital value. And some people use their returns from property to re-invest for future financial security.

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Multiple occupancy vs single lets whats the difference?

Letting a property to multiple occupants is an attractive option for many landlords, as it can generate a much higher return and far more monthly rental profit than a single let.

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Accidental landlord? What you need to know

Some people are landlords because theyve made a deliberate decision to buy property and rent it out. Theyre part of the buy-to-let crowd, whove chosen to use property as an investment vehicle to grow their wealth.

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