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Small house model with label - For Rent.

Renters Want to Stay

In this article, well dive deeper into the data and explore the potential reasons driving this change.

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How to Get Your Rental Deposit Back

In this article we explain about the rules around tenancy deposits and share some top tips to help you to make sure there are no issues when it comes time to leave and increase your chances of getting your deposit returned in full.

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Zero Deposit Schemes

It isnt a regular occurrence, but there are circumstances when a landlord might not want to take a deposit from a tenant for whatever reason. Often this can be because the tenant is not in a position to pay the full deposit.

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Letting agent explaining deposit disputes to a tenant.

Top 5 Deposit Disputes

In this article we will take a look at the main reasons for deposit returns being disputed in England, Wales and Scotland.

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Letting agent performing tenancy inspection.

What To Expect During An End Of Tenancy Inspection

To make sure you are fully prepared, in this article we walk you through what to expect during an end of tenancy inspection.

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Letting agent checking reports about increased rents.

By How Much Can Rent Increase?

nflation is a constant thorn in our collective sides, add to that interest increases on mortgages and increasing regulations and legislation, the costs of running a rental property business can seem like they are forever rising.

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New way and old way signs - credit payment changes.

Changes To Universal Credit Payments To Landlords

Changes are being made to the process though, to change how rent arrears payment are paid to landlords.

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Tenants talking with a letting agent.

The Importance of Tenants Insurance

The responsibility for insuring your belongings lies with you as the tenant. In this article, we take a look at the importance of having insurance for those renting and what it should cover.

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Tenant and letting agent having a conversation at the front door.

Can a Landlord be liable for a Tenant?

As a responsible landlord, you do everything you can to ensure that your tenants are responsible and behave properly. Unfortunately, this isnt always successful and on rare occasions there can be issues with tenants.

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