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Businessman Calculating Energy Efficiency Rate

Cheaper Buy-To-Let mortgages for properties with good EPC Ratings

The Government, over the last year have been urging the UK to re-build in a more green manner and have been passing legislation around minimum EPC ratings for properties as well as giving grants to homeowners to upgrade their homes to be more energy efficient.

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Rental market accelerates

Tenant demand is rising substantially. For agents in the lettings market, the busy season is approaching.

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Making Sense of the Census

Sunday 21st March, Census day in England and Wales. By law all households must complete their form.

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Landlord Access Rights: Can a Landlord Enter Without Permission In the UK?

When a homeowner leases out their property, they are consciously allowing other people to make a home in a space that they hold ownership to. As such, the new tenants have the right to control who enters the house at all times, including when the actual landlord enters their property.

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New Updates to the Right to Rent checks

Right to rent checks have been a legal requirement in England since the 1st January 2016 and they were introduced to ensure that anyone renting a property or lodging in a property had the right to legally be in the country.

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