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Sticking With It

With the stamp duty holiday ending, it has been suggested that 96% of buyers still plan on sticking with their property purchase even if they miss the deadline.

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Prizes to Properties

While the average price of a property across England and Wales has risen by 10% since 2019, at £35 million the total prize pot for Wimbledon is 11% lower.

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5 Delicious Summer Recipes

If youre feeling a little adventurous now that Summer is here and the weather is warmer, changing what you cook can be a delicious way to start off the new season. While Winter is great for those traditional bubbling stews and hearty soups, Summer is exactly the right time to put away your slow cooker and switch to something bold and exciting.

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House Price Growth Sees Highest Level Since 2017

We take a look at the continuing housing market momentum.

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Debt Respite Scheme to Freeze Enforcement Action

Sometimes, through no fault of their own, people can get into debt, certainly the various lockdowns and increased redundancies during the Covid pandemic have led to many people slipping into debt.

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View of Tenby Harbour, with Castle Hill.

Wales Property Boom

Since lockdown started to ease last year the property market, throughout the 4 nations of the UK, has seen a boom. None more so than Wales, however, which has enjoyed a massive 10.7% annual increase in property prices. In this article we look at what is driving this growth in the Welsh market.

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Spotlight on Cheltenham

As part of our popular spotlight series, this time we take a look at the lovely spa town of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, right on the edge of the scenic Cotswolds.

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64% won't buy a property without a garden

Gardens are currently the most sought after property feature for buyers according to results of the latest Dataloft poll of agents.

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Painting Tips

With all the time we have spent at home, it is little wonder so many of us are looking to change our dcor. But where to start? Quite often a simple colour change is all that is required to give our home a lift. In this article we give some great painting tips that will soon have your redecorating like a professional!

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How to Plan and Build Decking

Summer is here and many of us will be spending more time outdoors making the most of the (hopefully) good weather.

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