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Breaking out of the bunker, green space in Great Britain

With an estimated 979,500 golf players, courses reopening in England on the 29th March (joining Wales and Scotland) will be a joyous occasion for many.

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Spotlight on Newcastle

Newcastle certainly is a city which has something for everyone and, as the most populous city in the North East, it is also an economic hub for the region. With great shopping, historic pubs and restaurants and loads to do and see, it truly is a wonderful place to be.

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Spring Market Insights

The Dataloft Demand Index shows a 36% increase in housing market demand since the start of 2021 with the traditional Spring market set to be busier than ever.

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Making Sense of the Census

Sunday 21st March, Census day in England and Wales. By law all households must complete their form.

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How To Use The Pantone Colours Of The Year In Your Home

In this article we hope to give you some style suggestions on how to use these Pantone Colours of the year in your home.

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Staying Mindful

During all the upheaval we have experienced, it is easy to feel low, anxious, or out of sorts with the world. In this useful article we will take a look at some Mindfulness techniques to help you regain some perspective.

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How to make your home feel more spacious

Spending so much time within the confines of the same 4 walls can be a little restrictive and you might be thinking that you need more space or you might be wishing you had a bigger house. Adding an extension, knocking down walls or even moving to a new house is not always an option, so in this article, we will look at ways of making your home feel bigger than it is without the need for extensive building works.

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The Property Market is Booming but Flats are Lagging Behind

According to the Financial Times, only 27% of flats are finding purchasers and are typically taking twice as long to sell as houses but why is this?

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House Prices Set to Keep Climbing in 2021

According to Richard Donnell, Zooplas research and insight director, UK house prices in 2020 grew by 4% with him predicting this growth will continue into the first quarter of 2021.

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Spotlight on Edinburgh

In this article we will take a look at what modern day Edinburgh has to offer.

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