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Perfect Garden Pots

Garden pots so simple, yet so versatile and effective at providing beautiful splashes of colour and scent to your garden.

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Things to Consider Before Wall Mounting Your TV

The technology associated with modern TVs highlights a dramatic improvement since the days of large tubes and those bulky square screens. Not only are TVs much bigger and digitally enhanced but we can also access the internet at the touch of just a button or two.

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Partial view of the bronze statue of Banbury’s Fyne Lady, astrid

Spotlight on Banbury

As part of our popular spotlight series, this month we will take a look at the historic market town of Banbury in Oxfordshire.

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How to Prepare your Property for a Viewing

Check out our top tips on how to prepare your property for a viewing!

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Most of us have at least one or two mirrors around the home. While many focus on the practicalities of inspecting your reflection, you can use mirrors to add light to a room and as central statement pieces that will add something exceptional to your dcor.

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How to Cultivate a Luscious Lawn

In this article we give tips on how to maintain and care for your lawn that will hopefully see you on your way to making not only your grass green, but your neighbours too - with envy.

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10 Ways to Make the Most of your Garden this Spring

With Spring upon us, its time to start work in the garden, there is quite a bit to do to get your outdoor space ready for the warmer weather. But where do you start? Here are some of our top tips:

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Tips To Maintain Garden Furniture

In this article, we look at how to clean the various types of garden furniture so that your table, chairs and loungers are ready to go when the weather Improves once again.

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Spotlight on Harrow

As part of our popular Spotlight series, in this chapter we will take a look at the Greater London town of Harrow.

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So Much More Than A Garden Shed

Sheds can be very personal things. If youre a hobbyist, its the perfect place to steal away and shut out the world. In this article we take a look at how you can transform your shed.

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