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How To Create A Coastal Theme Home

With the telling nip of Autumn in the morning and evening air, those long, hot, lazy days spent on the beach in Summer seem a million miles away. We look at how you can create a coastal themed home.

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Renting a Home with the Help of a Guarantor

With current demand for rental properties at a high, landlords have the luxury of being able to cherry pick the tenants they want. We take a look at how you can rent a home with the help of a guarantor.

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A Guide to the Different Types of Tenancy in the UK

With the many different types of tenancy that exist, it can be bewildering to know which type of tenancy agreement is right. In this article, we review some different types of agreement to allow you to see which agreement could be the most applicable to your situation.

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Tips for storing summer clothes

With autumn starting and summer in the past, many people will be digging out their winter clothes. We take a look at some smart tips and tricks to maximize storage space.

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Lenders Refuse Furloughed Mortgage Applications

With furlough coming to an end, the Covid-19 pandemic caused massive disruption to the world causing many businesses to shut down. We take a look at how this affected mortgage applications.

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Energy Efficient Homes Boost the Price of Property.

It has been revealed that energy efficient homes boos the price of your property. We take a look at the latest Dataloft Inform statistics and what they mean.

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Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common?

Buying a new home is a very exciting time, especially if you are jointly purchasing it with that someone special. That feeling of moving into your new home, sharing great moments together and simply just having somewhere that is yours, is incomparable, but there are some legal aspects that needs considering.

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120% increase in enquiries to letting agents for pet-friendly rentals

In this post we take a look at this weeks DataLoft statistics that surround the rental market and pets. Read to find out more...

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Do You Know How Much Your Home Is Worth? The Answer May Surprise You!

The property market changes all the time and with the Coronavirus Pandemic, this has happened more frequently. Do you know how much your home is worth? Read this blog to find out more!

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19% of Homes have an Outstanding Secondary School as their nearest.

We look at this weeks DataLoft Inform statistics surrounding the housing market and secondary schools.

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