How To Pay Your Rent in Hatfield

The tenancy agreement requires that the rent is paid on time in line with the date agreed in the tenancy agreement.

Any late rental payment will incur interest for the late payment of rent 3% above Bank of England base rate.

At move-in, we will give you a Standing Order form to take to your bank to set up a Standing Order. This will have your bank details, the landlord’s bank details and the information needed by your bank to send your rent payment to the correct account, on your rent due date, every month.

This is not a direct debit

You will need to check with your bank, that this is set up, 2 weeks after your contract starts.

Northwood’s bank details are;

Account number –41924886

Sort code –60-06-39

Reference –PN _ _ _ (The office will advise on your PN number)

You can also pay in office and over the phone by card or via PayPal.

We now offer the facility for you to pay your rent by Direct Debit, if you wish to do so please call our Accounts department on 01302 767 000 to set this up’ and add Direct Debit image attached

Either visit this link or scan the QR code below

It is the tenants responsibility to cancel a standing order, in the last month of their tenancy, once the final rental has been paid. If this is not cancelled, your rent will still be paid to us after your tenancy has ended.

Housing Benefits

We do accept tenants in receipt of housing benefit with a valid guarantor, however Northwood will expect rent to be paid on time and in full regardless of the timings and amounts of any housing benefit received by the tenant.

It is the tenants responsibility to manage their own finances and ensure they have enough money including any top up when it falls due.

Any late rental payment will incur interest for the late payment of rent 3% above Bank of England base rate regardless of how a tenant funds their rent payments.

Changing Your Rent Due Date

To change the day you pay rent, you must pay an apportionment of rent.

This is worked out with the following equation:

Monthly rental amount x 12 months = Yearly rental amount
Yearly rental amount / 365 days = Daily rental amount
Daily rental amount x number of days to change = Apportionment

We are unable to change your rent due date until the apportionment has been paid in full.

From a legal notice point of view, your original move-in date / rent due date will still apply.

Rent Arrears

If you are having a problem paying your rent, please contact us straight away. Do not ignore the problem and hope it will go away.

Your rent must be paid, but we can advise you if you get into difficulties. If you explain the problem, we will treat the matter in confidence and should be able to make an agreement with you to clear the debt within a reasonable time. We will also be able to suggest whom to contact for further debt advice if you need it.

Any late rental payment will incur interest for the late payment of rent 3% above Bank of England base rate.

By acting quickly, you are showing a commitment to paying your rent. However, we will take legal action against you unless there are good reasons for not doing so.

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