Is it Good to Have a Fireplace in Your Home? 5 Benefits of Fireplaces

Fireplaces are old news! As their invention is believed to date way back way to 500 BC – over 2,500 years ago, they technically aren’t considered ‘modern’.

This can make many sellers question these statement pieces and ask themselves, “Is it a good thing to have a fireplace in your home?”.

But, even though fireplaces are perhaps ‘old news’, they are becoming a rarity. With more and more new builds being constructed in the UK without a fireplace, getting one installed – or already having one – in your property can certainly have its benefits.

If you’re wondering whether you should get a fireplace installed, or keep the fireplace in your home, we’ll share our top five benefits of having one in this article to help you decide.

1. They Make a Statement

Fireplaces are often classed as a living room centrepiece. Whether it’s big or small, a fireplace is classed as a feature in your home that makes a statement. Older, traditional-looking fireplaces can be visually appealing, and modern or rustic designs can look stunning and add a whole new level of luxury to a living space.

2. They Can Be Energy-Efficient

Some people don’t use their fireplaces as a source of heat, but when they are used for this purpose, they can be very energy efficient. Most modern fireplaces run on gas or electricity, but traditional wood burners or an open fireplace are also popular. If you do use a wood burner or open fire for heating, it will only provide warmth in the room it’s in, but it can save you pounds on your energy bills.

3. They Create a Cosy Atmosphere

Fireplaces can create a very relaxing and cosy atmosphere in any home – even when they’re not actually being used. But there’s nothing quite like sitting around a fire to soothe your mind at the end of the day – and a fireplace can give you that warm, snug feeling. They can even make a candle-lit dinner at home feel more romantic!

4. They Can Be Attractive to Homebuyers

Having a fireplace as a focal point of your living room can make buyers go, “Wow!”. To some, it’s a desirable feature to have in a property. In some circumstances, a fireplace can add value to a property[1].

5. They Are an Emergency Comfort

While power cuts and major electricity and gas issues aren’t common in today’s world (or usually very long-lasting), things can still go wrong. Above anything else, having a working fireplace in your property can offer peace of mind to many homeowners (and buyers) in an emergency. With a fireplace, you’ll have an easy source of light and warmth.

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