The Sign: selling and buying with kids

There’s never a one-size-fits-all approach to selling a home, and we understand how trifficult a move with kids can be. Before you list your family home, you’ve probably spent months debating whether it’s the right time, where you’d like to move to and how will the kids cope.

With nine children amongst our sales team of four, we’re well versed with the various ages and stages (and challenges!) Just like Chilli and Bandit in The Sign – Bluey’s epic 28 minute episode centering around moving house – we might not have a crystal ball to know what the future holds, but we can offer certainty and clear communication so the moving process is as seamless as possible.

Here’s our top tips for selling your home in the North East with your very own Bluey and Bingo (or maybe even a Muffin…)

Prep: For real life

Have an age-appropriate chat with your child(ren) and explain what’s happening. They have big feelings and need time to process this, which may be difficult when you don’t have answers just yet.

If you’re viewing a new home, avoid overpromising. It can be so tempting to upsell the home and show “your new bedroom, and look at the big garden for playing keepy uppy and wild girls in!”, but the reality is that you might find something better suited, your offer may not be accepted or one of many other reasons!

Viewings: Call in Calypso

As standard, we host all property viewings. You can tell us your preferences to suit nursery and school timetables and minimise any disruption for your little ones. After all, strangers entering your home can be unnerving!

If you’re buying a new family home, considering arranging childcare for your initial viewing. This means you can have a full conversation with our sales team or with your partner (or just to have a moment with your own thoughts!) without distractions.

Embrace the chaos

It can be easy to trying to maintain a ‘viewing ready’ state, but remember that a little mess can actually feel relatable and welcoming – especially to those who have children already or hope to start a family themselves!

We’re often asked whether kids rooms and playrooms should be neutrally re-decorated. Whilst each home is unique, we find that well-kept decor can be charming. It’s our job to point out the versatility of your home and plant the seed of turning one room into a different function – a home office, for example.

If you’re thinking of listing your home and looking for a family-friendly estate agent with years of experience, Laura, Ali and the team are here to help.

For more info, or for a free home valuation, let us know!

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