Summer Property Advice from Northwood Aberdeen

With summer well under way…… isn’t it? Northwood Aberdeen are pleased to give some advice and tips to think about while the slightly warmer weather is here to ensure that your property is maintained to the highest standard whatever the weather.

Maintaining Your Property – Tips for Top Standards in Any Weather

  1. Time to flex those green fingers!

    Will your property be vacant whilst your tenants are on holiday? Could it be time to arrange to have any trees, bushes and flowers pruned? Preventative routine maintenance works could avoid issues with moisture leading to damp

  2. Shout from the roof tops!

    Prevention is often the best cure when it comes to roof works. Is it time to arrange for any loose tiles to be repaired replaced and check all gutters are clear?

  3. A breath of fresh air!

    Ventilation is key to ensuring that your property is kept in best condition. This could include opening windows, making sure vents are operational, having the chimney swept and possibly even checking the air conditioning unit should you have one in your property.

  4. A lick of paint here and there!

    With some slightly warmer weather here, now would be a good time to have any external painting arranged for any doors, windows, garages, sheds and fences as in the summer the paint will bond well to such materials.

  5. Look after your boiler and it will look after you!

    Now may also be a good time to have your boiler checked and serviced in preparation for cold of winter. Gas boilers must be checked by a qualified gas safe registered technician.

  6. Keep the draft out!

    Now may also be the best time to think about what insulation you could improve in the property. Choosing the right kind of insulation will save money long term for you and your tenant and provide a warm place for your tenant to call home.

  7. Keep safe and Secure!

    If you are leaving for a summer vacation, have a fantastic time away. Some good advice for all home owners and renters is to make sure that all windows and doors are secure when you leave. Can you leave a car on the drive, so the property looks occupied? Are you careful when posting on social media that you are enjoying yourself away from home?

We hope the above tips prove useful and take this opportunity to wish all a fantastic summer…. Let’s hope the weather is good to us all!

To discuss any of the above or plan in some routine property maintenance don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of the team at Northwood Aberdeen.

Written by

Matt Pullinger