Spook-tacular home transformations

There are many reasons why we love Autumn in Aberdeen. The colourful and crunch leaves, the calm sea and bright sky…and Halloween.

We’ve always been big believers that your property should reflect your personality, and embrace that things might start to get a little bit freaky as we approach 31st October. Here are a few of our favourite tricks and treats to transform your home into a hauntingly delightful Halloween 🎃

The Haunted Hallway

Your entryway sets the stage for the eerie experience your guests are about to encounter. Swap out your usual welcome mat for a playful “Enter If You Dare” rug. Adorn your hallway with spider bunting, and if you have a ledge usually reserved for car keys & the link, pop on a few skulls. Hang a dark, bewitching wreath on your front door for an ominous welcome.

Pumpkin Paradise

It wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins – or a neap! Carving is a Halloween tradition but paint pens offer safe alternative for little ones. Inside, go for a variety of sizes and colors – white pumpkins, black ones, and of course, the classic orange. Arrange them on your mantel, dining table, or even your kitchen island for a harvest-themed Halloween feel.

Two Halloween pumpkins with spooky faces.

Spine-Tingling Decor

Don’t forget the little details that make a big difference. Hang creepy, crawling spider webs in dark corners and eerie candelabras with faux dripping candles. Add some eerie eyes to your bathroom mirror to give your guests a fright. Incorporate skulls, skeletons, and black cats as subtle yet spine-tingling accents.

Chilling Lighting

Dim the lights and opt for black candles, LED candles, or even flickering flameless candles for an eerie ambiance. Hang ghostly lanterns on your porch and position strategically placed spotlights to cast spooky shadows. Coloured string lights in deep purples and blood reds can give your space a chilling glow.

Wickedly Whimsical Centerpieces:

For your dining table, consider creating a wickedly whimsical centerpiece. Arrange faux witches’ hats, bubbling cauldrons, and eerie potion bottles. Place a large mirror in the center, add a layer of faux spider webs, and let your “potions” and “spells” take center stage. It’s a bewitching display that your dinner guests won’t soon forget.

Remember, the goal of Halloween decor is to have fun and create an atmosphere that brings delight to all who enter your home. Whether you go for a subtle and spooky vibe or a full-blown haunted house, let your creativity shine. Enjoy the bewitching season and the transformation of your home into a Halloween wonderland. Happy Halloween, from Northwood! 🎃👻🕸️