How do Northwood Aberdeen take care of maintenance issues?

Northwood treat maintenance with extreme urgency and understand the importance for it to be resolved within a timely manner.  To help with this, please ensure that you have done some fault finding, for example, if the boiler has stopped working – check the pressure as if it is low it will require to be topped up.  As soon as this is done heating and hot water will be restored. **Many landlords have a homecare agreement, please check your move in pack as you are able to arrange an appointment direct with them.  A Northwood Emergency plumber should NOT be called if a homecare agreement is in place.**

Tenant Responsibilities and Insurance Insights    

It is important to treat the property as if it was your own. If damage is caused to the property or the furnishings it will be the tenants that are liable – this is where tenant insurance is very important.  For example, if a jar accidently falls on the hob and cracks a corner your tenant insurance will cover the cost of replacing the hob.

If a maintenance issue in the  property is noticed it must be reported as soon as possible to help reduce any further damage that may occur.  Please remember that changing lightbulbs and batteries in smoke detectors etc., bleeding radiators, changing fuses, unblocking drains, keeping seals etc. clean and free from mould, tightening loose screws on door handles and so on is all the tenants responsibility.

Northwood Aberdeen’s Fixflo Online Reporting System

Northwood Aberdeen has an online reporting system called fix flo for all non-urgent maintenance.

Fix flo allows tenants to upload photos of the problem which will help our contractors bring the correct tools and equipment to fix the problem and .

To access Fix flow please click on the following link:

For emergencies please call the office on 01224 218450 where we will be happy to assist you.  

Northwood want all tenants to enjoy their time in the property and never want them to feel stressed or uncertain. Please give us a call or send us an email if you are unsure about the best way to proceed with a certain maintenance issue.