Energy Performance Rating Scotland

An EPC or Energy Performance Certificate is needed when a property is marketed for rent, it should also be displayed in the property to be viewed.

New Energy Efficiency Regulations and Consultation in the UK

From April 2018 new energy efficiency regulations come into force in England and Wales, meaning that properties with an EPC rating below E (unless the property is exempt), can’t be rented out with a new lease agreement. Here in Scotland there is a consultation happening now on this. The consultation also proposes changes to the Repairing Standard to bring it more in line with the condition standard required in social housing. To view more follow the link:

It would seem with this on the agenda now would be the time to review your properties EPC and see what changes can be made in advance of any potential change. The higher the score the more appealing the property will be in what is a challenging market for landlords currently.

Maximizing EPC Efficiency Through Long-Term Validity and Improvement Strategies

An EPC once done is valid for 10 years and may identify various ways to improve the rating from insulation and central heating improvements to relatively inexpensive changes to lighting and draught proofing.

Northwood Aberdeen are ideally placed to arrange an approved assessor to check your property to see what can be done to help with this.