Changes to the Repairing Standard

The Repairing Standard aims to ensure that rented properties are safe, habitable and well-maintained. It details the minimum requirements that Scottish landlords must meet in order to legally let their property – and failure to do so may result in legal consequences – with local authorities now conducting spot checks on properties.

This legislation has been updated, and on March 1st 2024, the revised Repairing Standard will come into effect.

Whilst landlords have overall responsibility to ensure their property meets the requirements, our team at Northwood work tirelessly to stay abreast of all updates, communicate to our landlords and facilitate the necessary works required. Each compliance check is fully auditable, providing evidence of that your property meets all points of the Repairing Standard requirements. If you’d like to talk to us about consulting with your own dedicated Property Manager, please contact us via phone or email – or pop into one of our offices.

The Repairing Standard as of March 1st 2024 has been changed to add the following, as per the Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL):

  • water pipes must be free of lead (where this cannot be ascertained water testing must be carried out to check for the presence of lead piping)
  • electrical installations must be protected by a residual current device (RCD)
  • properties must have a fixed space heating system (a permanent installation in the property which is plumbed or hard wired and capable of maintaining a temperature of 21⁰C in at least one room and 18⁰C elsewhere, when the outside temperature is minus 1⁰C.)
  • installations for fuels other than gas and electricity to be in a reasonable state of repair and in proper working order
  • any common parts pertaining to the property must be able to be accessed and used safely
  • the property must have satisfactory provision for, and safe access to, a food storage area and food preparation space
  • where the property is in a tenement, common doors must be secure and fitted with satisfactory emergency exit locks and a secure entry system

To discuss these changes and how your rental property may be affected, contact us today.

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