A few words from Rubin

For the past several years, we have partnered with Robert Gordons University to host a placement student for up to three months. This year, we were matched with Rubin. Enthusiastic and keen to learn about the marketing sphere, he grasped each opportunity with gusto.

We’re delighted to continue our partnership with Robert Gordon University’s placement program. This year, we had the pleasure of welcoming Rubin to our team for a three-month internship. Rubin’s enthusiasm and eagerness to learn about the marketing industry were evident from the start. Rising to each challenge and grasping each opportunity, he actively engaged in all tasks and projects…including writing a blog about his experience!

“Greetings everyone!

Rubin here, taking a moment to look back on my recent placement at Northwood spanning the past couple of months. Throughout this time, my primary focus has been on marketing-related responsibilities such as creating social media content, communicating with stakeholders, and contributing to the company’s continuing rebranding initiatives.

This experience has been incredibly enriching for my studies, offering a hands-on glimpse into the professional world I hope to dive into after university. The learning environment here is worlds apart from the classroom, with a strong emphasis on taking initiative and seeking guidance when needed.

Initially unsure of what I hoped to gain from this placement, I quickly found my footing after chats with my university tutor and the marketing manager. Taking the reins and delving into social media content creation, even with limited prior experience, has been a real eye-opener.

As my time at Northwood draws to a close, I’ve come to realize that making mistakes during your placement and learning from them is all part of the journey. It’s been like a practice run, highlighting key aspects of branding and marketing that I hadn’t fully grasped before.

And let’s talk about the team – they’ve been an absolute delight to work with. While I’ve had plenty of autonomy to tackle my tasks, their approachability and willingness to lend a hand have made the journey all the smoother.

Overall, my time at Northwood has been a fantastic learning curve, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. For any university student considering a work placement, I wholeheartedly recommend it! It’s an invaluable experience that can truly enhance your understanding and skills in the lettings and estate agency markets.”