15x15: SensationALL

2024 marks our 15th year in business – and we’re celebrating with a  calendar of days to support local charities doing amazing things here in Aberdeen city and shire.

We’ve already spent a day lending our time to Somebody Cares, Home Start and Befriend a Child and in April, we’ll be getting our hands dirty with SensationALL – and we can’t wait!

All are welcome

SensationALL was founded with an all-inclusive ethos, with a commitment to support ALL:

  • ALL ages
  • ALL conditions
  • ALL members of the family

This is the vision that brought together parent Susan Kay and occupational therapist Suz Strachan after faced with the closure of Raeden Centre.

They have created local space where families facing multiple support needs (MSN) and disabilities can feel empowered, safe and a sense of belonging. As the charity do not require a confirmed or formal diagnosis to access their services, they offer families a lifeline through early and timely intervention for those who need it.

Supporting clients with varying neurodiverse conditions, sensory processing issues, learning difficulties and developmental delays, they offer a range of social groups, sensory play sessions and support and guidance for the wider family too.

Digging in

We will close our office the day as we visit the Old Schoolhouse in Westhill, where SensationALL are based. As with all of our 15×15 sessions, we have committed our time and muscle (loosely speaking!) to help in a way that is practical and required by the charity. From filing to jet washing, we’re happy to muck in.

Thanks to recent donations, SensationALL have received sensory equipment for the garden area. We’ll help install these and help weed, plant and tidy the area too. We have several green-fingered colleagues at Northwood who can’t wait to get to get stuck in!

Find out more about the amazing work SensationALL do, and check out their free resources too: sensationall.org.uk/

Read more about our previous 15×15 day at Somebody Cares, Home Start and Befriend A Child here.

Questions about 15×15? We’d love to hear from you!

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