Switching Agents in Peterborough 

…it’s easier than you think!

• No upfront fees
• We carry out initial inspections
• We manage all the paperwork with your existing agent
• No delay with your rent payments

We understand that the thought of moving letting agents can be a daunting prospect that is just another hassle that you can do without. Increasing numbers of unhappy or dissatisfied landlords are contacting us to ask how they go about moving management of their property to us, whether they are self-managing or using a letting agent.
If you own a property in the Peterborough and surrounding area, are fed up with keeping on top of the ever increasing and changing legislation or you are dissatisfied with your current letting agent, then why not consider switching to us?
Most people when looking to try a new restaurant, looking to book a holiday or hotel room will often do their research first. As a landlord, you should be doing the same, you need to get to know the agent who will be taking care of one of your biggest assets. We understand that you are running a business and should be careful about every pound you spend, however ‘value’ should always outweigh the ‘cost’ of managing your property. A good hotel with a 5-star rating will generally be more expensive, however the quality of service will also generally be of a much higher standard. The same can be said for your letting agent, we urge prospective Landlords take your time in making your decision when choosing an agent and take a look at our reviews to get an appreciation of what our Landlords and Tenants think about us.
We are passionate about property so if you are looking for an agent that has a pro-active approach, is professional and communicates effectively with both tenants and landlords, then please contact us to discuss how we can best meet with your personal requirements, taking the hassle out of being a landlord, allowing you to sit back and relax whilst we take care of business.

Don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers have to say below…