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When you decide to rent a home, you need to budget not just for the monthly rent and household bills, but also for the initial costs payable to reserve a property and, on the day the tenancy starts, you will normally have to pay a deposit sum plus the first month's rent in advance. A full breakdown of our fees can be found further down this page. 

Tenancy Administration Fee

Once you have found a property that you like, you will need to pay a tenancy administration fee in order to submit an application and to have your application processed. 

Generally, we will deal with one application for a property at a time. That means however, should you later not proceed with your application, the administration fee will not be refunded and goes to meet the reasonable costs and/or loss of rent whilst the property was withdrawn from the market for you. The full amount will be refunded however, if the landlord is unable or chooses not to proceed.

If all goes ahead successfully, the administration fee goes towards the costs of referencing, financial and other initial checks and a contribution towards the preparation of the tenancy agreement and inventory.


If you are unemployed, are on a low income, or are a student, you may be asked to provide a guarantor who undertakes to fulfil the obligations of the tenancy agreement if you do not do so. A guarantor will need to be a home owner in full-time employment or financially secure retirement and it will be necessary to carry out reference, financial and other checks on the guarantor. A guarantor fee will be payable for the additional administration involved which is non-refundable. The guarantor will be asked to read your tenancy agreement and sign a guarantor agreement before the tenancy starts.

Deposit sum

On the day the tenancy starts, a deposit sum (usually the equivalent of 5 weeks' rent will need to be paid along with the first month's rent. A deposit is not a fee or a charge. It is a sum of money taken and held as security for the performance of the tenancy obligations and can be used at the end of the tenancy against the cost of damage and/or any breaches of your tenancy obligations as detailed in the tenancy contract, a copy of which will be provided to you in-advance. If there is no damage to the property and no breaches of any of the tenancy obligations, then providing the property is left in the same condition of cleanliness as it was at the start of the tenancy, the deposit sum would be refunded in full within 10 days of the end of the tenancy. 

Late Payment of Rent

We reserve the right to charge a fee for chasing any rent that remains unpaid for more than 10 working days beyond the due date.

Tenancy Renewal Fee

Tenancies are normally renewed every six months. Each time the tenancy is renewed for a further fixed term, a renewal fee will be due. The amount is payable in advance and must be received prior to a new contract being signed.

Cheques Returned Unpaid

If the tenant, guarantor or any person acting on their behalf makes a payment via cheque that is returned unpaid by the bank, we may charge a fee towards the cost of additional administration.

Abortive Maintenance 

If the tenant reports a maintenance issue that is found to have been caused by the tenant or a guest of the tenant or it is found that no maintenance or repair is needed or if the tenant fails to allow access to a contractor once  an appointment has been arranged, any call out charges or other costs incurred will be payable by the tenant and an abortive maintenance fee may be charged to go towards the additional and unnecessary administration.

Additional Copies

Additional copies of the tenancy agreement and the inventory and photographs will be provided subject to a copying charge.

Early Release from Tenancy

If a tenant wishes to leave a property before the end of the tenancy, the landlord may agree to this, but may ask the tenant to continue to pay the rent and all household bills until the date a new tenant moves in or the tenancy comes to a natural end, whichever is the sooner. The tenant may also be asked to pay the reasonable costs involved with re-letting the property.

Mortgage/Landlord References

We are normally pleased to provide a reference for the above purposes, free of charge.

Check Out

Normally there is no charge for a check out but we may charge a fee for the appointment if the tenant does not attend to cover the additional administration involved. Further, if we are unable to complete the agreed check out appointment due to unreasonable delays by the tenant on the day of the appointment, a fee may also be charged to cover reasonable costs. Rent continues to be payable until the day a tenant is formally checked out of the property and all keys have been returned.

Arrangement Fee

If we need to arrange for any work at the end of the tenancy because of damage to the property caused by the tenant, an arrangement fee will become due, subject to a minimum charge.

Overpayment of Rent

We do not have the authority to cancel standing orders or any other payment arrangements that a tenant may have with their bank at the end of the tenancy. If the tenant does not cancel such arrangements and it becomes necessary to refund over-paid rent because the tenant has not done so, we may charge an overpayment fee to cover the costs of administration and any bank charges we incur as a result.

Please note: We do not accept credit or debit card payments. If you wish to make a payment please call the office and we will provide you with details of how you can do so. If you have any queries, we are here to help. 

Our tenant fees are as follows:


  Charge (inclusive of VAT where applicable)
Tenancy Administration Fee - for up to 2 applicants £200.00
                                                   - per additional applicant £90.00
                                                   - per Guarantor £90.00



  Charge (inclusive of VAT where applicable)
Deposit Sum Normally the equivalent of 5 week's rent
Late payment of rent beyond 10 working days £30.00
Tenancy Renewal Charge £50.00
Cheques returned unpaid £30.00
Abortive Maintenance £36.00
Additional copies Tenancy - £5.00 / Inventory & Photos - £10.00
Early Release from Tenancy £420.00
Mortgage / Landlord Reference Free of charge
Check Out - Non-attendance or delay £30.00
Arrangement Fee 12% of the cost of works (subject to min of £48.00)
Overpayment of Rent £30.00

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