The number one priority for first-time buyers is....

The number-one priority for first time buyers is not transport links or proximity to trendy restaurants, according to research carried out by Yorkshire Building Society. Research with over 2,000 potential and actual first time buyers’ found that having their own garden is the most important feature – potential first-time buyers (54%) and recent FTBs (51%). However, the findings reveal that the importance of some other features lessens once people settle in, suggesting compromise could pay off in the long-term for potential first time buyers. For example, while 36% of potential first time buyers see living near good public transport as key, it is far less of a factor for those who recently bought their first home (26%) which suggests this is a compromise they made and didn’t regret. Key Attributes of a first home:
Criteria Potential first time buyers Recent (last year) homeowners  
It is important that it has a garden 54% 51%  
I want to live near good public transport 36% 26%  
The property needs to be low maintenance 28% 36%  
I want to live near my family 26% 36%  
Smaller house in a more desirable area 23% 9%  
                  Size Matters: While 23% of potential first
Article courtesy of Property Investor Today
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