Moving House Is Almost Like Riding A Bike

If you have lived in your home for several years and have decided to sell up and move to pastures new, it can feel a bit bewildering and overwhelming to have to face the process of selling your home. We are here to reassure you that it is (almost) like riding a bike…once you get going, you’ll soon be pedalling and well on the way to moving. You’ve just got to take that first step! Still feeling a little cautious and rusty? Read on…

In this article, we explore what probably hasn’t and likely has changed since you last moved and hope to provide some sage advice and a little reassurance.

Some Things Really Do Stay The Same

Although this may be the first time in a considerable number of years that you have moved, some things remain the same. Securing a sale on your home is all about presentation, first impressions and pricing strategies. Ensuring that your home is free of clutter and ready for viewing, the exterior of your home is well presented for that all important first impression – kerb appeal might be a phrase that didn’t exist when you last sold your home but essentially the idea did – and ensuring that your home is correctly priced is as relevant now as it ever was. Your estate agent will be able to guide you and offer advice as you embark on this nerve-wracking but exciting stage.

ID and Money Source Checks for Money Laundering Legislation

If you are buying a different property at the same time as selling your home, this step might well be something that you didn’t have to deal with when you previously bought and sold property! The Fifth Money Laundering Directive was passed in April 2018 by the European Parliament compelling estate agents by law to carry out money laundering checks on everyone buying a property to make sure the money being used to purchase a property is coming from a legitimate source to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities. Estate agents can face fines or imprisonment if they don’t carry out these checks so expect to be asked to provide ID and proof of funds!

Your estate agent might ask to see proof of funds before or after you put an offer in on a property for two reasons: firstly, to check that you are indeed able to afford the home you are hoping to purchase and secondly, to check that the money you are using to purchase the property hasn’t been gained through criminal means. If asked before you put an offer in, you don’t have to provide any proof. If asked after placing an offer, you must show your proof so it’s a good plan to have this ready.

A little further reading on this subject is available here from Property Mark.

Are You Upsizing or Downsizing?

If you previously moved for more space to accommodate life changes, such as marriage, having children or to accommodate elderly or infirm relatives, maybe you had to purchase additional furniture and household items to cope. What will you do with those items if you are now downsizing? When we’ve lived in a home for several years, it can be easy to forget that moving home means moving a lot of accumulated items! It might well be time to give some thought to going room to room and deciding what you really do and don’t need and have a clear out in readiness to move. Simplify Stuff give a helping hand to get you started.

If you’ve decided to take the plunge, why not let our leading estate agency help you? With over 90 offices nationwide, our friendly, professional agents will be happy to guide you through the process. Click this link to find your nearest local office to begin your journey today.