Maximalist Home Style

Home décor trends change all the time, one of the more interesting the trends of the moment is maximalism. Although fashionable now, maximalism has been around as a type of design for centuries. Many people think that maximalism is about having lots of stuff or even having large possessions but this really isn’t the case and, in this article, we will take a closer look at what maximalism is and give some great tips to give your home that maximalist makeover.

What is maximalism?

Maximalism is all about colours, patterns and layering. A maximalist design will have multiple different patterns all in the same space but united by a common colour palette, there will be interesting and curious architectural shapes in the space and a mass of accessories in contrasting or simply bright and bold colours. Layers will play a big part as will high impact pieces like a wall mural of a bright neon sign, something that stands out visually. We think it fair to say that the style could be called bold and more than a little eclectic.

How to create a maximalist design

Ultimately there are no real rules when it comes to maximalist design, but you will want to make sure that your design is balanced and not too chaotic.

Maximalist wallpaper

Starting with your wallpaper, choose a colour scheme and then opt for wallpaper with bold patterns, strong colours and lots of energy. have some great bold maximalist wallpapers to choose from, we loved the dark floral mural in pink. This pattern fills a rather large wall in one go and the pink of the flower stands out fantastically against the dark background. A real eye catcher. You could go even more maximalist with something from, how about this amazing cats botanical paper? The paper is definitely bold and busy but the colours complement each other perfectly.


When it comes to furniture, don’t be scared to go overboard with patterns, shapes and accessories. For example, take a look at this side table, there is nothing understated about this and it would go perfectly with the cat botanical wallpaper. A maximalist room needs a statement piece and this Chesterfield chair brings together traditional and classic styling with the bright bold colours that are called for in Maximalist design. This is not a small chair and certainly isn’t shy and retiring, it will stand out beautifully.


So now we have covered wallpaper, some really exciting furniture examples and also an amazing statement piece, we need to take a look at layers. We’re talking soft furnishings; rugs, cushions and curtains. Take this beautiful hummingbird patterned Sarah Miller cushion is exactly what your room needs? The use of teals, pinks and midnight blues and the two dancing hummingbirds really brings the cushion to life. How about adding some straight lines? Remember there are no real rules when it comes to mixing patterns. We loved these Ochre curtains with their trio of colours and perfectly straight lines. Don’t forget rugs, they will add another dimension to your room. For a real burst of colour, this paradise design rug is exactly what the doctor ordered. With its abstract colour burst design, it will accentuate any maximalist design.

In maximalism more is definitely more. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and designs, go bold, REALLY BOLD and don’t be afraid to break convention a little bit. Maximalism is not about being shy and refined, it is an in-your-face reflection of your wonderful personality, so let your imagination run wild and have fun designing your maximalist room.