Landlords suffer from too much unfair bad press

Tenants rated more than three-quarters of private landlords 'good' or 'excellent' according to new research.

Despite councils and housing charities blaming rogue landlords for poor living standards, charging high rents and evicting tenants who make complaints, the Saga Home Insurance study found tenants only felt 8% of landlords gave them a poor service.

However, 56% did want more help from their landlords by responding quicker to complaints about repairs.

Top landlord moans about tenants were:

  • Paying the rent late (37%)
  • Damage to rented homes (32%)
  • Tenants leaving at short notice (20%)

Meanwhile, the problems that most upset tenants were:

  • Hard to contact landlords (23%)
  • Poor quality workmanship for repairs (21%)
  • Landlords breaking the law by not protecting deposits (10%)

As a result of the survey, Saga Home Insurance has issued a guide to running an ethical property rental business for landlords.

Sue Green, Saga?s head of home insurance said:  ?In the age of housing shortages and escalating rents, landlords have been getting some bad headlines, but the research shows the extent to which this portrayal is unfair. The vast majority of landlords are conscientious and ethical, although tenants do believe more can be done which is why we have released our guide with practical tips to help them improve their ethical credentials.?

?Anyone who is a landlord should consider whether there might be more that they could do to make things easier for their tenants, which will be beneficial to all involved.?

The guide explains that if landlords are fairer to their tenants, they tend to stay longer and keep the costs of letting a property down because they look after their homes.

Letting a property is broken down into 11 steps, from choosing a property to day-to-day management of tenants

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