Great Ideas for a Spring Housewarming

Great Ideas for a Spring Housewarming

May 24, 2017

Great Ideas for a Spring HousewarmingSpring is not only a good time of year to move home, it’s also a wonderful time to hold a housewarming once you’ve settled in. Holding a get together is a prime opportunity to let your friends and family see your new home and gives you a chance to get to know the neighbours.

Once you have got past the trauma of unpacking and moving in, here are some quick ideas for organising the perfect Spring housewarming party.

Give Yourself Time to Settle In

Getting your home organised is obviously going to be top of your list of priorities. Make sure you leave enough time to unpack and put everything in its rightful place before you decide to hold a welcoming party. It’s also a good thing to pop round and visit your neighbours and introduce yourself so they know who is inviting them over when you do get organised.

Setting the Date

Pick a date when people are likely to be available and come over – for most people that means some time over the weekend. The other choice you have to make is whether you are going to have your shindig during the day or in the evening. If the weather is set fair, and you have access to a garden, you might want to hold a gathering in outside, perhaps even a barbecue.

Don’t Be Too Formal

Ideally you should have a housewarming that people can come to and drop in rather than something more formal like a dinner. That way, if friends or family can’t stay the whole time they can pop in to say hello and wish you well. While it’s part of the etiquette for people to bring presents for the housewarming, if this makes you feel uncomfortable then make sure you mention it on you make your invitations.

Having a BBQ

Spring is a good time for an outdoor barbecue and it also means that people can bring food and drink to help out. If you want to wow the guests with some great food, there are plenty of resources and recipes online. You can create a theme around Mexican or West Indian cuisine, for instance, and perhaps combine that with fancy dress if you want to go the whole hog. Most likely you’ll have kids attending so organising some games for the festivities is also a good idea.

Party Games

Games are a brilliant way to get everyone talking, engaging and joining in the fun, particularly if you are inviting the neighbours. For those who have a sizeable outside space, there’s the opportunity to set up some board games and mini challenges such as a skittles competition. If there are kids involved, then a treasure hunt is always a winner.

Inviting the Neighbours

It can be difficult to invite people you’ve never really met before to your home but it can also be an excellent way to ease your way into the community. Not everyone will want to come to your party but you should make sure that you make the invitation and don’t leave anyone out.

Keeping Down the Noise

Of course, while you’re new to the area, you don’t want to have the sound system blaring out music until the early hours and upsetting everyone. Make sure that you keep the noise to a minimum and show respect for the neighbours who aren’t attending your party.

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