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July 28, 2014

We were increasingly conscious of the fact that the biggest fear landlords face is the dreaded void period with over 80% citing this as their main concern. For tenants, their biggest worry is security of tenure and not having to keep moving because the landlord wants to sell up.

During recession, we experienced a new phenomenon, that of the ‘accidental Landlord’. These were people who really didn’t want to rent, but had no choice for a myriad of reasons. With the sales market so strong, many of these property owners now have the opportunity to sell leaving tenants with the daunting task of having to find a new home whilst inevitably, the number of available properties decrease. Sadly, with the usual forces of supply and demand, this can cause rents to rise. Tenants also face having to find additional fees and moving costs. We at Northwood decided to try and find a solution for many of our tenants who don’t want to move having put down roots and having made a home.

Our Investor page was created in order to offer Buy To Let opportunities for those wishing to invest in this lucrative market. We have also provided a simple Buy to Let Investor Guide to explain any terms with which you may be unfamiliar.

Our listings are carefully selected by our network who are experts in this field.  Many of the properties already have good tenants paying rent, so your investment is already up and running and providing a return. Existing tenants will have a good track record of paying rent or we would not recommend them. Where this is the case, we have published the current yield. If a property is not rented, then we display the estimated yield based upon current market prices.

A significant number of properties come with the offer of Guaranteed Rent, which of course provides a GUARANTEED return. We take on the burden of paying the rent whether there is a tenant or not and even if the tenant doesn’t pay their rent. We cover the costs of legal fees in the event things go wrong too. We negate the dreaded void periods which can drain a landlords resources very quickly. Where a tenant stops paying rent, it can typically take months to regain possession. Again, we take this risk away from you.

How do we do it? Simply, when a ‘traditional agent’ values your property for rent, they rarely tell you how much of this rent you will actually receive. Commission, VAT, administration fees, renewal fees. management fees etc really add up. We don’t charge any commission, so what we offer is what you get.

90% of our Guaranteed Rent Landlords receive more rent than using a traditional agent. This is NOT to be confused with the insurance schemes many agents purport to be guaranteed rent. We pay you the rent each month, every month.

All our Buy To Let investment properties can be let using our Managed Service, or we can simply find you a tenant.The choice is yours.

Whatever service you require, click HERE to see our selection of Investment properties or call your local office and speak to one of our experts in But To Let Investment properties.

We are here to help.


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