How to Sell Your Home in Winter (Part 2)

Last week I explained how selling a house in Winter requires a little more effort and I covered two practical steps you can take to make the process work for you. Read the article here. This week I’ll cover three more things you can do to successfully sell your home....... more

How to Sell Your Home in Winter

I often get asked whether it's a good idea to try selling in winter, and there is an argument for waiting until the Spring, but sometimes there are no options; you might simply have to sell. There is a counter argument for listing anyway because some people also need to buy in winter, and there's usually less choice, so making yours stand out... more

Licencing of landlords on the rise

The standard belief that landlords simply buy properties and let them out to people in exchange for rent payments seems fairly simple. It’s not. The number of pieces of legislation now associated with letting out a property has increased exponentially over the last decade to over 140. ... more

How to price your property to sell

Deciding a price to put your property on the market for can be a bit daunting. You may find yourself bouncing from not wanting to lose out financially by setting the price too low to not wanting to put potential buyers off by pricing your property too high. ... more

Is your property on the market

Waiting in Hope? If your property is currently on the market, it may be tempting to assume that your agent is in full control of the situation, and that sooner or later a buyer will materialise. But don’t be so sure! Sometimes an agent will take the same view and simply sit in hope, having apparently exhausted their own marketing options. ... more

Buy to Let

This week our newsletter considers some of the practical elements when it comes to deciding if you should buy to let:... more

Market Report December 2016

What a year it’s been! The words Brexit and Trump have caused division and confusion on a global scale and the political landscape as we enter 2017 is very different to the one we are used to.... more

No passport? No rent

Under the new Right to Rent Scheme that was introduced in England earlier this year, Britons without a passport are finding it increasingly difficult to rent a property. Due to the new immigration checks that have to be completed under the... more

Do landlords believe the government is anti investor?

92% of landlords believe that the Government is ‘anti-landlord’, according to a recent survey. From the 783 landlords from across the nation that took part in the research, the overwhelming feeling seemed to be one of anger, ... more

Does Tesco have the answer to the housing crisis?

Tesco has come up with an innovative to solution to the lack of affordable housing in the UK. It has pledged to build new homes and leisure facilities around huge new supermarkets around the country. Of course, the supermarket giant will be hoping that this will also help overcome some of the objections to the proposed new... more

RGU students in marketing drive for Northwood Lettings

Northwood Lettings Aberdeen took on two management students from RGU for a marketing focussed work experience project to help strengthen its presence across the region.... more

Something braw tae spik aboot

Q3 for the Aberdeen Rental market has brought with it some positive news to speak about or as locally said “Something braw tae spik aboot.” So what’s happening and what does it all mean for landlords and tenants in Aberdeen?... more

Dealing with noisy neighbours

A recent Which? survey found that one in four people have had a problem with nuisance neighbours in the last year. The most common complaint among neighbours tends to be noise related to dogs barking, kids or adults screaming, and loud music.... more

Immigration Obligations for Landlords

The latest immigration regulations have a significant impact on private residential landlords and their agents. Landlords now have a legal duty to ensure that they do not rent their property to a tenant who does not have the right to live in the UK.... more

One in seven tenants in breach of tenancy agreement

According to recent research carried out by Direct Line, one in seven renters have broken the terms set out in their tenancy contracts. Whilst the majority of tenants, 65%, obeyed the rules set out in their rental agreements... more
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