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Newcomers to the neighbourhood will have one priority right from the outset: choosing among the variety of houses or flats for sale in Jersey Farm. Although the search for the right property may seem like a hard task, you can always rely on experienced property agents to help you find the perfect place to call home. Whether it’s a detached, semi-detached or terraced home or even a flat you’d like to purchase for yourself or for you and your family, let our professional and trusted estate agents covering Jersey Farm help you.

Guiding you through our rich and extensive portfolio of properties for sale in the area, our Northwood St. Albans estate agency will ensure you can navigate the complexities of purchasing a home with ease.

And for the sellers among you, we’re at your service, too. Selling a property for the right asking price requires not only time but finding the right buyer. Let our helpful property specialists assist you in the process when you are ready to sell your home. We fully understand that you will have many questions when deciding on selling a house. Among these questions may include what is the cost of selling a house and how long it takes to sell a house. Our experts are here to help answer these questions and more.

In addition, we are here for you if you are looking to sell a house fast. That’s because we understand that sometimes there’s a sense of urgency in moving from one location to another.

Let our estate agents serving Jersey Farm offer you sound advice and guide you through the processes involved in buying or selling a property with ease and greater peace of mind. You can always count on us for sound advice and helpful solutions to your property purchase or sale challenges.

Letting agents in Jersey Farm for peace of mind when renting out or letting your next property

Whether you’re in the area already or you are moving to Jersey Farm from another location, you need to secure a temporary place to call home. That’s where our letting agents come to the fore and shine as we have a rich and extensive portfolio of properties to rent in the area that you can choose from. This will help you find the ideal place to call home for the next while.

Of course, our Northwood St. Albans letting agency is not just for tenants. We serve landlords interested in letting a property, too. Just some of the reasons you should choose us include our extensive experience in the industry as well as the fact that we will be fully transparent with you when it comes to the letting agents’ fees involved.
Our local letting agents are highly experienced in helping landlords with houses and flats to rent in the neighbourhood. These specialists have your best interests at heart and will work together with you to help you find the right tenant, at the right time and price. Now, renting out a house has never been easier or more convenient as you rely on our letting agents to help you in letting out a property.

Whether you’re looking at a variety of lettings to choose from or you’re in search of your next tenant, our letting agents covering Jersey Farm can assist you. They’ll do so professionally and with in-depth knowledge and experience related to the property market.

Now .. let’s talk about the area!

Is Jersey Farm safe to live in?

A very common question we are often asked about the neighbourhood is the following — is it safe to live in? A recent snapshot of crime statistics dating back to 2022 and including some months of 2023 shows that crime rates were approximately 134.2 on average for a period of five months. This is in line with the regional average.

As for what people live in the area, some recent socio-economic indicators point to the fact that the majority of the residents in the area have a Level 4 qualification or higher. What’s more is that with regard to employment, less than 4% of the residents are claiming unemployment benefits. Meanwhile, property ownership — whether owned outright or owned through a mortgage loan — make up the majority of properties in this location. And finally, a large majority of the population is aged 16 to 64.

Opening times

With regard to common opening times, it is worth noting that the area does not have its own library. However, its post office is open and the opening times are from 08:00 until 20:00, every Monday through Saturday.

Things to do

Nature-lovers will absolutely adore the neighbourhood because it is dotted with many green spaces. As such, there are many outdoor things to do in the area. In particular, families can enjoy top attractions with the best outdoor activities in Jersey Farm by visiting the 55-acre amenity area of woods and flower meadows, known as Jersey Farm Woodland Park. Whether going for a wander or bringing the family along with you, this can make for a fun and exciting activity to do with kids.

What is Jersey Farm famous for?

As to what is this neighbourhood famous for, it is worth noting that this residential area is quite new. In fact, it was converted from cultivated fields into a residential estate in the 1970s. Consequently, many of the properties are more modern when compared with the city centre.

Jersey Farm house and rent prices

With an overall average price of £708,328 for house prices, most of the properties sold were flats that sold for an average price of £298,241. Meanwhile, detached properties sold for an average of £1,258,929 and semi-detached properties sold for around £815,035.

As for rent prices, rentals will vary depending on the type of property you’d like to rent out and its main characteristics and features as well as proximity to amenities. A one-bedroom house or flat can go for approximately £1,100 per calendar month, while this will increase to about £1,500 for a two-bedroom house.

Schools and amenities

The area has several amenities that locals frequently take advantage of. In particular, there is an amenities hub at St Brelades Place. This includes a community centre and a doctor and dentist’s surgeries. It is also host to a playgroup, exercise classes, carpet bowls, and more. Other amenities include shops, eateries and restaurants, a hairdresser and beauty salon, a cycle shop, a pharmacy, and more. Finally, there is the family-friendly pub called The Blackberry Jack, which offers big-screen sports and affordable food.

Apart from the amenities, it is noteworthy that the closest schools in the area are in neighbouring Marshalswick. Popular primary schools there include Skyswood Primary & Nursery School, St John Fisher Roman Catholic Primary and Wheatfields Infant and Junior Schools. Sandridge School is another option and it is located just north of Jersey Farm in the village of the same name. As for the closest secondary school, this would be Sandringham. Competition to get into this school, however, is pretty high.

Finding or selling your property is a breeze with us! 

When looking for your next property to buy or rent in the area, one thing you can always be certain of is our commitment to providing you with a quality service. Serving Jersey Farm, our experienced and knowledgeable estate and letting agents in St. Albans are highly familiar with the area and can point you in the right direction to help you secure your next home. We also help landlords and property sellers find the perfect deal for their property rental or sale as we act as a bridge between buyers and sellers, ensuring both parties get what they are looking for. Reach out to us today for a professional service that’s backed by years of experience on the market.

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