Renting Homes Act-Contract Holders

On 1st December 2022, Amendments to the Renting Homes Act came into force, resulting in some significant changes to the rental sector in Wales. We wanted to offer an overview of those changes to make sure you are aware of how these changes will affect you.

If you currently live in a rented home in Wales, your AST (tenancy agreement) will be converted to a new type of agreement in line with the changes to the Act mentioned above. Your new agreement will be called an ‘occupation contract’. You will also notice that the term ‘tenant’ has now been replaced with ‘contract holder’.

You will notice that we have changed these terms on our own website (the areas relevant to Wales only) and probably other websites and sources of information so bear that in mind.

Further changes as part of the Renting Homes Act are expected to be delivered over the next 12 months so expect to hear more about this as time goes on about things such as;

  • Fitting of mains wired interlinked smoke alarms
  • Electrical condition report