So you've seen the perfect property for you. What are the next steps? 

What We Need From You

Before we can show you round a property you will be asked to provide us with a little bit of information about you;

  • Your full name, current address and phone number
  • Email address – we use this to send confirmation of appointments
  • The number of adults who would be living at the property
  • When you would be looking to move into the property if you wanted to proceed
  • How long you would be looking to initially stay in the property
  • Your current employment situation including company name, employment position, length of time employed, and gross annual income
  • If any parties have any adverse credit history (county court judgements, IVAS or bankruptcies)
  • Whether there will be any pets or children staying with you
  • A little background to the reason you’re looking to move e.g, closer to work, closer to family, better schools etc. This helps us to understand what’s important for you and see if the property you’re interested in viewing would be a suitable choice.
  • When you are free to view

What You’ll Receive

You’ll get a confirmation email of the appointment complete with the address, and who you’ll be meeting. If you can’t make your appointment, please do let us know.

Viewings typically last 15 minutes or so and should give you enough time to look at the surroundings and see if the property could be made into your home. If you have any questions, we should have the answers! If you’d like to make application, we can then start that process immediately.

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