Lettings Services

At Northwood Basingstoke we go over and above to create a great lettings experience for our landlords. We offer a number of services, which we can adapt to fulfil the requirements of you and your rental property.

This level of service provides complete peace of mind for landlords. We guarantee to pay your rent on time, every month, even if the property is vacant or your tenant misses a payment. All legal costs are covered including the eviction process, should this be necessary. We deal with all the tenant’s queries, questions and complaints providing complete anonymity for landlords.

With no monthly fees, VAT or commission charges there are multiyear options available and flexible payment dates.

Unsurprisingly this is our most popular level of service. Contact us today to find out more.

This level of service suits those landlords who don’t want to be overly involved in the day to day running of their property. We will look after the tenancy – making sure all legal obligations are met, maintenance is dealt with appropriately, property inspections are carried out, check in and check out procedures are conducted and managing the day to day running of the property.

We will guide you through the whole process and provide advice where necessary.

If you are comfortable handling all elements of the tenancy with regards to maintenance and inspections etc, but don’t like to be involved with the financial element, collecting, and chasing rent then this is the level of service for you.

On this level of service, we will also serve the appropriate possession notice on a tenant if required and handle tenant check outs for an additional fee.

We appreciate that some landlords just need an agent to market a property successfully, reference the tenants, draw up the tenancy agreement and prepare the inventory. For those landlords looking for this, look no further than our tenant find service.

Here at Northwood Basingstoke, we understand that sometimes you may not be satisfied with your current agent. If you feel like you need to make a change but the whole process just seems too daunting, then our ‘we switch you’ product is the one for you. Please contact our office for no obligation advice to discuss how to switch your property from another agent to us. We are here to provide a smooth transition, ensuring that both you and your tenant are happy with the process.

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