Winter Style Ideas for Your Home

Now the dark evenings are firmly here and the weather is distinctly colder, there’s no doubt Winter is well underway. As we start the self-imposed Winter hibernation now is a good time to review your home décor. If you like to take a seasonal approach to your home design, here’s our quick rundown of the best Winter style trends this year.

Go Nordic

You may think that Scandinavian interior design has had its day, but, according to Ideal Home, it’s making a come-back for this Winter. If you want a look that’s clean and stylish but still has an underlying rustic charm, this is a good option to go for. In the decorating mix are lavender and sage colours as well as a hint of bleached wood here and there.

There are a few small changes you can make to style your home after the Scandinavian fashion. With shorter days, our Nordic friends are very focused the use of internal lighting and building mood, illumination is key. In terms of layout, Scandinavian style generally means clean lines and less clutter and, rather than hugely contrasting colours, you want hues that tend to melt into each other.

Big Flowers

Should muted colours not be to your taste, House Beautiful suggests huge floral wallpaper murals to brighten up your home.  These photographic style wallpapers have grown in popularity in recent years and give a rather interesting contrast to the traditional pattern designed paper we are more used to. A word of caution – lining them up properly and getting the right finish is not a job for amateurs. When you’re investing in a wallpaper mural, spend that little extra on hiring someone competent to put it up for you as well.

Black is Back, so is Pink!

It can seem a little cold to some, but monochrome is making a comeback. This kind of minimalistic interior design requires a good deal of thought to achieve balance. Too much and it can seem overpowering and rather sterile. Putting black furniture and shelving against a white or light-coloured wall can look really clean and modern. As an alternative, Staffordshire Living suggests going for sumptuous dark woods if you want to make a statement with your decor.

Another colour that seems to be enjoying a resurgence is pink. There’s a wide variety of different shades to choose from and pink is a good choice for beating the Winter Blues. A hint of pink will add warmth and depth to your home, especially in areas like the living room and bedroom.

Going Global

Our final Winter Décor tip comes from the Daily Mail who makes a big thing about filling your home with a lot of different global influences. If you lean towards the more exotic, why not combine a whole range of cultures and décor ideas from around the world? The most stunning arrangements can be created by bringing together a variety of cultural pieces, like mixing African and Mexican designs. It’s all about letting your inner interior designer run free with the concepts – not entirely for the faint hearted but great for those brave enough to experiment.

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