When to Sell Your Homes

A lot of factors are going to dictate when you sell your home. It might be the right time to move onto a bigger or smaller property. Perhaps you’ve got a job opportunity in another part of the country, are moving in with a partner and now have a “surplus” property or want to relocate to a more desirable area.

If you seek advice from one of our local Northwood Property experts, they will tell you that the time of year you decide to sell your property can make a difference too. You can find your nearest branch here.

When to Sell Your Home

Seasons to Sell Your Home
There’s a lot of common sense involved when it comes to which season is the best to sell in. It’s no wonder that spring tends to come out on top, not least because it represents that period of renewal and renewed hope.

Winter is not as bad for selling as most people may believe, but once we get towards Christmas and the New Year, if you haven’t yet put your property on the market, you might want to hold back until the new year. Viewings tend to plummet at this time of year and don’t recover until around February.

During the summer we tend to be focused on the children who are off school and our holidays. If it’s a good summer, people are even less likely to be thinking about viewing properties. Autumn comes second to spring when people are considering selling their property, but you may also find those with families mostly focused on getting everyone back to school which can reduce viewings.

Which Are the Best Months?

According to some recent research by the Express, between February and June are the best times to put your house on the market. It’s during this period that your most likely to get more viewings because a greater number of people are looking to buy. The consensus is that the more buyers you have vying for a property, the better price you should get. Once you get into July, however, things begin to wane and don’t really recover until Autumn is well under way.

There may be other factors involved here, of course. If you have a garden, then Spring is the perfect time to get new plants in and create an impression for your front of house which attracts buyers. It could be that we’re all feeling more optimistic around March and April and that continues through to May and June when we have a good start to summer.

If you are looking to take advantage of seasonal variations when selling your home, you may want to start getting everything together around the beginning of February. That could include doing repairs and sprucing up the decor and furnishings shortly after the New Year.

While you may find more homes on the market during the ‘golden period’, you’ll hopefully also attract a larger number of buyers. The trick is putting all the pieces in place so you are ready to go when the time is ripe.

For specific, local advice about when to sell your home, talk to your local Northwood Branch. Our helpful teams are always happy to share local knowledge about house buying trends. Find your local branch here.
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