What Mothers really want for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is on Sunday the 22nd March this year and husbands and children alike will be looking for that ideal Mother’s Day gift to spoil their wives & mother’s this Sunday. In this article we will look at what Mother’s really want for Mother’s Day and it might surprise you to hear that they aren’t really that interested in receiving another cute bear that says “I love you”.

A Lie in

Although the little ones are really excited and have been whipped into a frenzy to ensure that Mum is made to feel special, the last thing that mum really wants it to be woken extra early by a whirlwind screaming “Happy Mother’s day”. Let mum have a lie in for an hour or so and spend that time quietly cooking up a lovely breakfast for her. Not the normal soggy cereal in a plastic bowl but something special like salmon and scrambled eggs or perhaps croissants and coffee. Whatever her preference, set up a breakfast tray and unleash your enthusiastic bundle of joy, after a little lie in!

Family Time

Often overlooked on Mother’s Day, the one thing all Mother’s want is to have all her children and/or grandchildren with her on the day. Even the grown-up ones! Husbands do your best to have all the children come around and spend some quality time with mum. One word of caution here, though, she probably does not want to spend the day catering for others – that is not a treat! So, if you are gathering up the whole clan, make sure you have the catering covered too.

Me Time

 This is perhaps the holy grail for all mothers. She wants to be able to spend some time just for her. Towards the end of the day why not encourage mum to enjoy a long soak in the bath, make sure it isn’t interrupted with without incessant “mummy, mummy, mummy” from the little one. Or give her a little break after lunch, an hour to do whatever she wants. Take the children to the park for an hour or on a bike ride and give mum some time to herself to do those little things she always has to rush.

The Small Things

Mums love the personal touch much more than a mass-produced bear from the local card shop, she’d like nothing more than a hand drawn picture or card from her little prince or princess of whatever age. The message here is that mums love the personal things; the memories and the little keepsakes they can look at in the future which will remind them of special times.

What Mums Really Want

Although mum’s do love to receive thoughtful presents and cards from their children, this isn’t what makes Mother’s Day special for them. For a mum, it is all about being surrounded by her family, feeling loved and appreciated. Factor these into this Mother’s Day and make it a day for her to remember and don’t forget lots and lots of hugs!

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