What Impact Has Covid-19 had to Planet Earth? #EarthDay

Its Earth Day, a day to celebrate our wonderful planet and highlight the challenges that it is facing and although the circumstances at the moment are no celebration, there may be some positives we can take from the pandemic and that is its effect on the environment. Coronavirus has drastically changed our day to day lives and environmentalists have recently reported that the virus is having some ‘healing’ affects on the local and global environment, wildlife and natural planet.

With that in mind, we take a look at what impact covid-19 has had to planet earth what lessons it could teach us about our carbon footprint.

There’s less air pollution
As cities and towns are under lockdown, there has been a report on the significant drop of air pollution that is often caused by vehicles, factories and planes.

City soundscapes are changing
With so many people staying at home and public transit agencies cutting service as a result, there is significantly less noise from cars, buses, trains and other transportation. City dwellers can enjoy the sounds of chirping birds on their daily exercise rather than the usual muffled city drone.

Wildlife is returning
As the world has slowed down and humans are staying in, it has been reported that animals are possibly changing their routines and territories. Coyotes have been spotted throughout San Francisco taking naps on green spaces, Killer Wales have been spotted of the coast of Canada for the first time in decades, and closer to home mountain goats have been roaming the streets in Wales.

Water pollution
Residents of Venice are noticing a vast improvement in the quality of their famous canals that route through the city, it has been reported that they are running clear for the first time in years and fish have even been spotted.

Have you been noticing any changes in your area? Perhaps you’ve spotted some new wildlife in your garden, or have noticed some differences when taking your daily exercise? Tweet us @northwooduk, we would love to hear comments.
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