Top Tips For Home Security

There are plenty of ways to make your home secure without turning it into Fort Knox. While burglars fall between those who are opportunistic and those who scope your place out before trying to break in. The one thing they have in common, they are generally looking for an easy mark.

According to police, you are five times more likely to be burgled if you don’t have some security measures in place. It’s good to have a review every so often and to that end, we have compiled a list of Home Security Tips:

Doors and Windows

The first thing a potential intruder looks at is the state of your windows and doors. It goes without saying that you should ensure you close your windows when you go out for the day, but how many of us remember to lock them?

If you have older windows, then you may need to think about changing them or adding additional security locks. Double-glazed products tend to be a lot more secure (as well as being more energy efficient) and have toughened glass which is difficult to break. Burglars will generally look at your front or back door as the primary area of entry and if they spot the wrong kind of lock or an old installation, it can make you a target.

The Latest Locks

Good locks are difficult to get past. Burglars will use a number of different techniques to get into a home including snapping locks. A skilled thief can be in your house in under a minute if they find that you have the wrong locks either on the windows or your door. Most security experts advise even if you have an old door, changing the locks can make a big difference – look for ones that have the British Kitemark KM 586153 and the TS007 specification if you want the most secure on the market today.

External Lighting

Another security option is to make sure that potential intruders have no place to hide. That can include clearing undergrowth near your home entry points but also think about installing security lighting in places like pathways and the back garden. This type of illumination when motion is detected and is a simple and effective way to deter anyone who isn’t supposed to be there. Not to mention an external light is rather handy if you return home after dark, no more scrabbling with your key trying to find the lock. If you’re looking at external lights, try the LED options, the bulbs last a lot longer and consume far less energy.

Getting an Alarm

Having an alarm installed can seem like an expensive option but it is probably one of the best ways to deter opportunistic criminals. Security systems have changed a lot in recent years with many new innovations including controlling the system from an app on your smart phone. These modern alarm systems can connect to your smart devices and will send you warnings as well as alerting your security company. If you are after peace of mind, they are well worth looking into.

High Tech Doorbells

Technology has changed our lives in so many ways including helping to keep our home more secure. The new range of video doorbells mean you can keep a track of who is coming and going at your house. These are also connected to your smartphone, allowing you to check out visitors even if you’re not at home. With some systems you can talk to a visitor via an intercom system, wherever you are in the world.

There are plenty of options to consider that will make your home a lot more secure and less of a target for burglars. Updating your security, or at least reviewing it, on a regular basis not only gives you peace of mind it keeps both you and your family safe.

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