Tenant survey busts rogue buy to let landlord myths

More than 80% of tenants are satisfied in their dealings with buy to let landlords, according to a new survey.

And despite the media outcry fuelled by local authorities, only one in eight tenants consider they have had dealings with a rogue landlord.

The statistics are revealed in a detailed report about tenant attitudes to their buy to let landlords in market research by BDRC Continental.

The survey has busted some myths circulated by tenant rights lobbyists and local councils about poor standards in private rented homes.

The key features of the research include:

  • 39% of tenants will stay in a buy to let home long term
  • 90% consider their buy to let property their home
  • 62% feel in control of their accommodation
  • 4% fear their landlord will end their tenancy
  • 72% have had no rent increase in the past 12 months
  • The average time living in a private rented home is 13 years ' and the average tenant has lived in their current home for seven years
  • 70% consider their rented home good value for money

?There has been much discussion across the private rented sector about the merits of mandatory longer tenancy agreements,' said BDRC director Mark Long.

?Our research indicates that the market is doing a reasonable job of regulating itself. Renters have been living in a private rented home for an average of 13 years, and in their current property for seven years. Only 5% have ever had a request for a longer tenancy refused by their landlord.

?While the private rental sector is not perfect, these are encouraging outcomes overall.?

The average tenant in the survey pays £593 a month rent.

Despite a reasonable clean bill of health, 77% of tenants confirmed their main reason for renting was that they could not afford to buy their own home.

Almost two-thirds of tenants live with a partner and/or children, while 28% live alone and 15% are lone parents. Just 4% live in shared housing with friends.

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