Summer Trends For Your Home

Summer is here, where the days are longer and warmer. If you’re one of the many people thinking about sprucing up your home or changing décor, there is plenty of inspiration out there. 

From style bloggers and magazine tips, to online videos and design shows, you won’t be lost for choice. Here are a few things that are set to be setting trends this Summer:

Lean and Clean or Multi-Coloured Bohemian
The trend for this summer is leaning towards clean lines and Nordic style orderliness. Clean lines and subtle colours seem to be a rather popular choice.

Cluttered, multi-coloured spaces made a comeback last year but now seem to be slightly on the decline. Combining brilliant splashes of colour creates a room that reflects a bohemian lifestyle and eclectic tastes so don’t totally discount it if this is your thing. 

Sustainability and Nature
Creating an eco-friendly home space is becoming easier. You might want to go for natural, organic wood floors and build new spaces that eschew the technological world. Bold prints and plenty of plants are the order of the day. Picking refurbished furniture or antiques means that you are reusing and repurposing rather than buying something brand new. 

Statement Pieces
Investing in one big, statement piece is another popular trend. Many of us can’t afford overly expensive home design choices but focusing on a single one, whether it’s a luxurious sofa or a decadent chandelier, introduces definition and character and around which the rest of your design can be based. Adding drama to the walls with eye-catching wall paper designs or large-scale wall art is also a popular choice this summer. 

Smart is Still Big
Creating a smart home environment where different devices are connected to your mobile phone or tablet is becoming increasingly popular. It’s not just about buying a home hub either. 
You might want to swap the curtains for some sleek electric blinds. These can be operated by a quick tap of an app on your smartphone and look fantastic for areas like the living room, bedroom and kitchen. Another popular home feature is switching to smart bulbs that can be turned on by your phone, you’ll never have to enter a dark home again!

Where to Find Home Style Ideas
There are some excellent home-style bloggers online you can easily access from the comfort of your own home. For those who love Scandinavian design, simple lines and sublime colours, Hannah in the House is a great blog for discovering interesting ideas. Should you prefer more colour and funkiness, you might want to take a look at Sarah Awkisombe’s personal take on home design. 

Another font of homestyle knowledge is the social site Pinterest. Here you can find a wealth of home style ideas, regardless of your tastes and preferences. The best thing about Pinterest is you can collect all the ideas (Pins) you see and section them into different rooms (Boards) for you to review before deciding whether to take the plunge.

Of course, what looks great on a blog or a social site may not completely suit your own home. The key takeaway for this Summer, if you’re thinking for doing up your home décor, is to be sure you can live with it for the next few years. 

Matching design choices with your own personality and preferences is much more important than following the latest trends. That doesn’t mean you can’t be just a little daring and try something new. 
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