Spooky sixth sense puts people off moving into a home

Landlords need to watch what they say to superstitious tenants as one in seven people believe they live in a haunted home.

Around half can feel a supernatural presence in their home, says a new survey by loans firm Ocean Finance, while one in six of those living in a suspected haunted house reckoned that they had seen a ghost.

Unbelievably, more than a fifth swear they have seen items other than pets move around their homes of their own accord.

Another third of householders say they would not live in a property where someone had died.

A quarter would not move into a house near a graveyard, while 10% confessed that they would move into a 'number 13' flat or house.

Over a quarter (26%) admitted that when viewing a house or flat that they wanted to move into, they experienced an aura surrounding the property. More than three-quarters (77%) of these agreed that the property?s aura was positive, but the rest sensed a negative feeling.

A property?s aura even influenced whether many people moved into a home.

Of those who claimed to have experienced an aura at a property, 58% agreed that the supernatural presence had encouraged them to move in.

Just a fifth felt the presence was negative and stopped them from moving in.

Ian Williams, spokesman for the firm, said: 'It seems that some people in Britain are less pragmatic than they seem! With so many convinced that they have a ghostly guest at home, it's not surprising that it's influencing some house buyers' decision on whether to move into a property.

?If you?re looking at a house to move into and something feels 'off?, it might be worth making sure that the proper surveys have been done. Your sixth sense may be warning you of a costly surprise in the future ' such as a structural issue or damp in the walls.?

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Article courtesy of LandlordZONE
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